MJ ETF Needs A Crypto Style Breakout- Weedcash Wednesday

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There is no mistaking that the crypto markets have been on a run, but what's up with the Cannabis industry? It's been stagnant and needs the same kind of break out so that we can start to see some actual bullish momentum.

The MJ ETF is one of the top ETF for the Cannabis industry so that's what I track instead of trying to track random stocks.

Today's dabs are from my favorite shop, which I have also applied to work to. This Oregon Punch is a nice light day time kind of buzz so I can keep motivated!

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I hear ya! Haven't got any replies on my job applications since....years!
and I work as a freelance graphic designer for the last 25 years...

It’s crazy, but is what it is I suppose. Markets used to not be so over saturated. Also tech is making things so much easier for people that they don’t want to pay us anymore, lol.

Guess it’s back to serving tables of nothing lands soon.

Oh, no... i had enough serving bosses :P
AND YES... tech market is saturated... the youngsters are even pushier than the AI :D
I'm from Bulgaria and used to be working with Americans, Germans, Greeks and can't remember whoever else...
People are not the same, tech is totally different...internet freaked out :)
Money is also fake! ;)

So for now I just love Web3 and especially HIVE!!! :D

Yeah, I get you, but the kids need stuff and I have to pay my debts. Is what it is. Trying to stay independent as mischief as possible but having to bend the knee again, at least temporarily.

God bless your family!
I have no kids and no debts (anymore).
Good night!


@trayan passed you the virtual joint!
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