Space 2 Grow: A new 420-friendly urban farming project in the heart of the Capital

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Getting Started

We have a MASSIVE mountain to climb over the next 2-3 weeks... Bulldozing & cleaning the site being priority #1, priority #2 is to get our first 420 plots marked out and ready for tenants.


More than just 420-friendly farmland

The property allows for nearly ~2,500 plots in the heart of suburban Centurion, Pretoria... but our goal is to have have ~1, 000 - 1, 250 plots available come September. The final number will depend on how much "chill zone" space we keep out.

@BraaiBoy is getting in on the action, and will make sure any munchies are taken care of with his BB Bistro, and a beer/wine bar are also in the works.

Weekly markets & monthly festivals are be free for all our tenants.

... and those are just SOME of the things we can tell you about for now.

HIVE Accounts for all our tenants

... of course we're going to be creating accounts right here on HIVE for every tenant! ... What does that mean? Well, since you're not legally allowed to monetise any of the 420 product you grow on your plot, we will be showing you how you CAN monetise your plot by blogging about it on HIVE & the WeedCash Network.

P.S. If you're reading this because of a Facebook/Twitter post and have no idea how crypto works... @BraaiBoy says not to worry, crypto is not nearly as scary as most make it out to be, and HIVE makes blogging (and earning it) even easier... and he'll be onsite almost every day to hold your hand if you have any questions ;-)

Wanna know more?

We'll be blogging progress (and create a proper #IntroduceYourself post soon) and share more member benefits as they become finalised, but if you want to make sure you're one of the first 420 plots, then get in touch with us on +27 71 772 9204 (WhatsApp preferred) or

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Welcome :D

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good Work..


Cool... thanks!

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Nice! Looking forward for this project

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It's gonna take a lot of work still... but the changes will be coming in thick and fast.

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