When you least expect it, CMH lamp out.

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When everything seems to be going well here comes a curse... Today my lamp was supposed to start at 12 and instead nothing, I found it dark.

My CMH 315 Dimlux gave me error 5, which in the guide says contact open. I tried for two hours to do a thousand tests, I changed and tried different plugs, I checked the bulb and everything seems to be fine. But it kept repeating the same error. So I disassembled the reflector to clean from dust or debris and checked cables, bulb connectors, but everything was clean and in its place, no abrasions or signs of rust, nothing, but the error is still present.

Luckily I have my old LED lamps, one of 150 Watt and the other of 130 Watt, bought on AliExpress, cheap and not very powerful, because CMH at the same Watt makes more than three times, but often has problems, because it is very sensitive to sudden changes in current and humidity, while the old LED lamps always work, in all circumstances. So I replaced the lamps and for now I'm surviving like this, at least the girls can be okay.

But I would like to change the lamp, try a good LED system. I saw the Lumatek Attis 300, it seems to me an excellent instrument that distributes the light very well, do you know it? Can you tell me if it works well? Or in any case if you have any advice on a good LED lamp that costs a maximum of 450/500 euros, I couldn't go beyond that.

Now I try to see my CMH, if they can solve the problem, because they are out of warranty, I have been using it for 3 years now. If they can fix it, I really think I'll sell it and exchange for a good LED.

Thank you for your attention and thanks in advance for the advice, I wish everyone a happy 420.

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Seems like a weird thing for it to happen. I would call the manafacture. Even if its out of warranty maybe they can still help you.

As far as LED's ALIBABA is such a great place to find cheap ones. They are the same ones all the other companys use, your just going closer to the source where these are made.

It has been such a long time since I have been in the market for a light, but I know Floraflex makes a great LED, and it is around 1$ per watt. @artisto actually runs this light in one of his tents, ask him for a recoamdation as well. :)

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Thanks a lot for the info. Yes, I'll go to the shop on Monday and see what can be done, because it's an expensive lamp, it can't have all these problems.

I looked at Floraflex and here in Europe it has higher prices, the small lamp tells me a 650 at a price of 1100 euros. I can use a maximum of 300/400 Watts, I don't have much energy available. Too bad because I looked at the features and it really seems like a great tool.

For AliExpress you are really right, because my first cycle I used a led bought there for 60 euros and I collected 110g. Which even today I think there are many with such an inexpensive tool.

my plugs regularly jump when I turn on the lamp. then i have to turn the switch and then everything works again. but timers don't work for me.

I've tried checking everything, but it just doesn't work. Now I'm sending it to fix, I hope it succeeds.

P.S. Now I settled with !WEED , I can increase peace :)

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