Winter buds / Cogollos de invierno


Hi cannabis culture lovers. I hope everything is going well wherever you are. Over here there are still two pots left to harvest that I planted in early October. These were the last seeds of the 2022 season.

Hola amantes de la cultura cannábica. Espero que todo vaya bien allí donde estés. Por aquí todavía quedan dos maceteros por cosechar que planté a principios de octubre. Estas fueron las últimas semillas de la temporada 2022.



I seem to remember that I planted seeds of several types. That's why there is so much difference between plants. Some have just started to bring out the pistils and others already have the buds formed and with resin. The seeds are from my production, crosses between different types of grass that I have been doing over time. Before I used to write down the names and the crosses I made. Now no longer, it is a work that occupies too much time. I have seeds crossed seven times with different varieties. The name was so long that I got tired of writing it down. The only ones I keep track of and write down are the Jack Herer seeds I keep an eye on them.

Creo recordar que planté semillas de varios tipos. Por eso hay tanta diferencia entre plantas. Algunas apenas han empezado a sacar los pistilos y otras ya tienen el cogollo formado y con resina. Las semillas son de mi producción, cruces entre diferentes tipos de hierba que he ido haciendo con el tiempo. Antes apuntaba los nombres y los cruces que hacía. Ahora ya no, es un trabajo que ocupa demasiado tiempo. Tengo semillas cruzadas siete veces con distintas variedades. El nombre era tan largo que me cansé de escribirlo. Las únicas que tengo controladas y anotadas, son las semillas de Jack Herer, a esas no las pierdo de vista.



These plants are very stressed. I planted them in October, autumn in the northern hemisphere, when daily sunshine hours are decreasing and temperatures are dropping. In December the trend changed and the daily sunshine hours started to increase. Cannabis is photoperiodic and sensitive to light changes. It is also winter here and the temperatures are so low that the plants do not absorb nutrients well. To top it off, they are grown outdoors. Well, these are the buds they are making. They are not very big but they are very aromatic. Not bad for the middle of winter.

Estas plantas están muy estresadas. Las planté en octubre, otoño en el hemisferio norte, cuando las horas de sol diarias se van reduciendo y las temperaturas bajan. En diciembre cambió la tendencia y las horas de sol diarias comenzaron a aumentar. El cannabis es fotoperiódico y sensible a los cambios de luz. Además es invierno aquí y las temperaturas son tan bajas que las plantas no absorven bien los nutrientes. Para rematar, están cultivadas en exterior. Pues bien, estos son los cogollos que están haciendo. No son muy grandes pero si son muy aromáticos. No están mal para ser pleno invierno.




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En invierno los cogollos crecen mas rapido aqui en mi casa aun no se observan cogollos solo crece y crece

a similar story goes here with crossings :)
and i don't keep tracking...
i've noticed there is always some kind of weed showing up in the backyard...every spring...
of course because a lot of seeds spread out from some buds... and there're pollinating each other somehow, even when i'm removing the males on time...
i know because they're herms sometimes too... i remove them as well or do some kind of hi-stress training to them and i've seen them changing sex too :)
there is a strain which is constant since the last 10+ years with a fruity aroma and very CBD rich... i sense :)

Hermaphrodites are a danger to the crop. I don't like to stress plants. Some growers say it's good, I don't know. What I do know is that if they are stressed there is more chance that they will come out hermaphrodites. Now they are stressed because it is winter and there are few hours of light. !WEED

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