Indoor Garden Update - Foliage Trim - Watering

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Hello Everyone,

For the past week not a whole lot has been going on in the tent, the plants have gained some size and we're still waiting on the clippings to shoot roots.

Besides that, everything is going great!

Let's have a look!


Taking a look in the tent, not much has happened for the past couple of days. I haven't needed to water much, and haven't spent a lot of time with the plants overall. I'm feeling like it's time for a light foliage trim and a little tidying up.



Covid loves his tent time and always snoops out when I'm getting ready to work in there so he can hang out with me close by :)


Most of the foliage is very healthy. I don't want to trim a lot because the leaves will assist in bud growth in the future, but a light trim will help me water the plants easier and should stimulate some fresh growth before I prepare for the flowering cycle.




As we can see by the pile, it was a light trim and I didn't remove major fan leaves. I'm really happy with how the plants look after the trim.




The Wedding Crasher hybrid is not looking great, but it's not looking horrible either. I just transplanted it a couple of days ago and expect it to fill out much more in the coming weeks.


In this corner the tent receives the least amount of light. I have a clipping that I planted early because I was stoned and thought I saw roots, but I think it was just shavings on the stalk. That's ok, I dampened that soil with some rooting hormone and am not worried about it. I think it will root.

The onions are just hanging out there and pretty healthy. They seem to like the light high or low, no matter where I place them they always do pretty good.

The tomato plant has been showing signs of what I think is light burn, but it could also be nitrogen burn or something different altogether, I'm not sure, but decreasing the light is a good way to find out if it's light burn. I'm hopeful the diagnosis will be easy and quick.



In the other corner I have a bunch of plants in various (but mostly early) stages of growth.
A sunflower on the end, a pepper plant directly next to it, and two Lemon Drip cannabis plants I'm trying to save that had a hard time germinating correctly. I think they are saved, but I don't know if they will produce healthy yields.

I have three successful germinations of Bangarang/Slippery Susan crossbred and am excited to see how they come out. I'm also planning to clone them and carry on their genetics most likely.

The red solo cups are all clippings that are one week old that I'm still waiting on for root growth. They are all pretty healthy looking and I'm feeling optimistic.

All of the plants in this corner are under a Phlizon Pl-1000 on minimum light power to support their delicate growth needs. The lights on the other side of the tent are much higher powered, with the other Phlizon at max, and the Aceple at about 70% power, but they are far enough away from this corner to not cause burning on the smaller plants.


These Big Mack Superstar cannabis plants are pretty huge bushes and very healthy. They are some of the healthiest plants I've ever grown and I'm really proud of how well I've done with them so far. I'm hoping at least one of them is a female and will produce the biggest buds I've ever grown. I think the likeliness of this happening is very high.


Now the plants are lightly trimmed, watered, and the tent is nice and tidy.

That's going to do it for this indoor garden update.

What do you all think of how everything is coming along? I would love to read your thoughts below!

Which take time for you to compose, and we all know that time is a valuable commodity, so I do my best to respond to all of the wonderful engagement I receive on the Hive blockchain and very much appreciate all of the great engagement and support. Thank you!

Thanks for stopping by, have a great day! -@futuremind


nice plants!

I've just repotted my biggest Aloe arborescens an hour ago :D

@tipu curate

Thanks so much @woelfchen!

I've just repotted my biggest Aloe arborescens an hour ago :D

Upcoming post? :D

Would !LUV to see :D

everything looks good again. 💪You also made me get a bigger tent. That really makes a difference when cutting. now i can sit on a chair in the tent

Thanks @loonatic!

Yes I agree that having ample workspace and tent space for the plants makes a huge difference for the better.

💪You also made me get a bigger tent.

I'll happily take the blame for influencing motivating you to upgrade 😜


Those Macks are looking like beasts

Thanks bro, they are three months old, I'm not sure how much longer I should wait to start flowering lol.

Acabo de darme cuenta de las dimensiones de esas masetas, comencé a reír bastante porque son enormes seguramente me despiste un rato de leer tus post y tu casa termine convirtiéndose en una reserva natural o algo por el estilo 😂

Si hermano voy a tener una jungla en mi casa jajaja

Nice plant🖐🏾 It so lovely💋

Thanks so much! :D

Welcome 😂👄

They all look fantastic the cannabis ones and all the others. Do you wear goggles to be in the tent?

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Thanks so much @happyfrog420-new!

Do you wear goggles to be in the tent?

I wear sunglasses most of the time. Sometimes I forget.
I think they are not the correct kind, but something is better than nothing.

Thank you for the kind words my friend.

The awkward stage lol. Looking good man

hehe yeah :D
thanks man :)

Nah thank you bro! Happy to see the growth you have put in the past year. It really does make it worth it.

Fantastic Setup!
Wish it was mine, but I did get some ideas,
since I will be transitioning to an apartment soon - "Thanks"!
Have a Great Upcoming Week!

Thanks so much for the kind words @lesmann!

since I will be transitioning to an apartment soon - "Thanks"!

I hope it will be the perfect apartment for your needs!

Best wishes, have a fantastic week as well!

I am hoping so as well!
I was going to grow indoors anyway and was thinking about how to set up a "designated area", I think this is it!
Thanks Again!
And Awesome Week to You!

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