Rising Star Progress and Raves Announced

After so much time off from blogging and gaming, it is good to be getting back into the swing of things (I am also getting back to contributing to CineTV). Plus a few other bummer things happening in real life. It is never a dull moment around Casa de Thunderjack.


I am approaching nine months of playing Rising Star, and m still getting a kick out of it and progressing through the game. Currently, my latest milestone is unlocking FC26 on the Fan club Mission chain, and closing in on the coveted FC28, which is the card I need to get back to uninterrupted runs of the Record Signing Mission. After that, I can slow my pace on the Fan club missions a bit, at least for a month or two, but will continue to slog my way through to the more recently released FC cards that will be needed to keep progressing in the Record signing Missions.


I haven’t quite reached the Manager Interview Mission on zone 3, still have a few levels to go, but as the Fan club Mission does not grant any XP, my leveling speed has slowed way down, plus I am not running as many music lessons right now (music lessons award the most XP in the game at this point, although I don’t know what the XP rate is in Zone 4). So I think it will be a few weeks before I break on through to the other side, I mean zone 4 (hat tip to The doors).

At HiveFest, Jux announced an upcoming feature: Raves!


This is going to be a bit of a multiplayer feature coming sometime soonish in the game, and has some strategy and tactics features built into it, and will involve the new FA series cards awarded from running the Record Signing Mission. Okay, I can dig it. Part of the strategy revealed at HiveFest involves choosing a Rave that you think will win and hoping no one from the other Raves sic a Police Raid on your Rave. Okay, I can dig it, and certainly interested to see how it works.


Raves is not ready for prime time yet, and no idea when it will be released, as Jux is, byt the sounds of it, still hammering out the final details on how it will work, and the discord community is waiting with baited breath for more information on how Raves will work and when it will go live.

Images on Raves are screenshots from Jux’s presentation on the HiveFest youtube feed at roughly hour 6, and I am only providing a couple of them so people can get an idea of how it will work.

Oh, yeah, Jux said Raves will include a use case for record NFTs as well as expanding the use case for the Backstage Pass NFTs.

Overall, I am continuing to enjoy playing Rising Star. It is a nicely executed, passive play game (punch a button, come back later, rinse and repeat), with a lot of very cool music themed NFTs and a vibrant community.

Thanks for stopping by and remember, it's a long way to the top if you want to Rock and Roll.

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*THIS IS NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. Please do your own research before making an informed decision. This is sharing my game play experience only.