Rising Star at DYGYCON 9 + FREE Virtual Stick Up Boys Masks!

Screenshot 2022-05-27 at 14.44.26.png

DYGYCON 9 starts today and it's TOTALLY FREE and ONLINE!

Rising Star has a booth and I will be there to answer questions on and off throughout the event. That's me with "Jux" above my head.

@stickupboys will also be wandering around giving out virtual Stick Up Boys masks so keep an eye out for them so you can grab yours and wear it with pride!

Hope to see some of you there during the next few days.

Cheers and rock on \m

The Play To Earn NFT based music career game built on HIVE


looking forward to it!

Great stuff! Your avatar looks a little like you, luckily, in real life you have hair. 😅

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do we need any special software to join?

Genial ya me liste 👍

We love you guys and would like to arrange a meeting to discuss a possible collaboration.
Hit us up on Discord Atom!

Great... Very Nice!

Loving its more fun to play with.


looking forward to it! 💕💕💕

So Awsome I hope I can join.


Buenas tardes saludos a todas y todos, me podrían explicar cómo entrar al juego por favor...?

great! amazing! i will look forward to it!

Can't wait for that ❤️

looking forward to it, already registered couple days ago!!

how can i enter that game? i wanna try going inside that game :D please some guide



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Awesome!! =)

!pizza TIME!

In tha house...


Genial espero poder estar dentro 👍