Stuck in game. How much you need to invest for make money? A bit of math.

Hi guys! I want to share my thoughts about the game.

I've been playing Rising Star for a long time. But now I feel like I'm stuck in the game. Every day I complete missions, but there is no goal where to move on. Playing for fun is a bit of a waste of time for me. I am stuck.

Earning real income, albeit with investments, would be more interesting for me. And I was wondering how much you need to invest in order to earn at least $ 100 extra income per month?

How do you think? Have any of you made these calculations?

How to calculate estimated income. My thoughts.

Maybe my math is wrong, but I tried to think logically. In order to double your income, you need to double all the parameters.

For example:


If I want to double my earnings on this mission, I should have 22k fans instead of 11k.

A little more math:

Let's take one mission that I do quite often and try to figure out how to double the maximum earnings.


To find out how many starbits one fan brings into this counter, I will divide 1847 by 11536


If I have twice as many fans, say 23,072. Then I take that number 0,1601074895977809 and multiply it by 23,072.

0,1601074895977809 x 23,072 =


SO, if I want to see on this mission for example 10 000 maximum starbits earnings, I need ~63k of funs.

These are just thoughts. I could be wrong as I don't know the progression by which this increases. I don't know how it's done in the game itself, but it's just a guess.

If you earn some money in the game, write in the comments how much money was invested in the game.

Also share your thoughts. Thank you for your attention!


Never played this game so I have no advice for you about how to proceed.

Its a fun game and one Deutch woman told me about one guy who have good income in this game and I saw a couple of videos on YT with guys who have good money on this, so basically, it is possible.

Hope you can make some regular income from it soon.