Fun with water (that liquid we shock our livers with 😀) - Clicks showing beauty of water

Water is boring - isn't it? To drink - yes but to photograph - No! Read on to see some interesting pics I took...Especially the last one!

It takes lot of technology and nerdy efforts with camera, flash and nature, but in the end - worth it!

Water as a resource and saving it is always a global discussion subject. I really like some of the funny quotes that promote saving water...

Save water, shower together! - Unknown😀

Another funny slogan is ..

Drink beer, save water! - Unknown😀

Since I am not so creative in slogan writing, I try to promote awareness about water as a resource through beautiful images that I capture during my wildlife photography related travel. The one below is one of my favorites. Flowing water, smooth rocks - it is as if the water is frozen in a fluid motion isn't it?

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What is life without water?

Since I was on a wildlife trip, I did not have ND filters etc which are routinely used by landscape photographers to take long exposure pictures of flowing water easily. I had to wait for light to go down and then play with aperture to get this shot. Did I do well ?

The ocean is another form of water that is interesting because of its' many moods. Sometimes it can be calm and very colorful like this evening on a beach...

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Deceptive calm of the sea

At other times, waves pound on rocks and create a violent form of nature that is interesting to freeze - like the one below...

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Rage of water

Streams that trickle through jungles is another beautiful form of water that we notice...

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The life force of jungle

My favorite form of water photography though, is when it actually rains and droplets of rain form magic...

This is a shot I took in our backyard as a droplet of rain hit a puddle and a droplet magically appeared to float up in the high speed frames I clicked ...

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Magical rain drops

The last but not the least, I love to photograph raindrops when they form a crown on a wildlife subject. Like when this Common Kingfisher was enjoying the rain...

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Crown of raindrops

It took me many attempts to get this picture in the rain. It was difficult and I risked my lens and camera getting soaked - somehow protecting it with a rain cover. However, it was worth seeing that crown of rain drops on the Kingfishers head - wasn't it?

Do you enjoy taking pics of water in various forms? Please share your photos, observations and comments freely. If you find any other interesting observations too, please comment. Perhaps I can get some interesting images and start a discussion through another post.

Hope you enjoyed seeing the images. I will try to bring many different types of wildlife photos/macro/Astro posts to the community. Feedback and comments are welcome,. I am still learning many techniques and always value feedback from experts in this community.

Have a nice day everyone. Cheers!

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some interesting "water" pics :)

Thank you so much

Fantastic shots. Each has its own beauty. From a drop to the ocean. They are all different states of water.

@azamsohrabi Yes - from a drop to an ocean - water is beautiful in so many forms. Thanks for the appreciation

I love that droplet photo! Great shots. =)

@castleberry Thank you so much for your kind appreciation. I try to experiment and am learning a lot from the experts in the community

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You're very welcome!