In dunes. A few sandy frames i photographed last weekend. (series of images).

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From time to time I return back to this always silent place of the white dunes, located in the central part of the country, very close to the popular sea beach.
This time was windless, so all the old traces of the people and animals' activity on the sand were kept for a longer time, and was very difficult to find some clean of these steps spaces.



My friend's shadow.





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Each photo is a threshold where technique, good taste, art and poetry meet... Amazing!... Excellent work, a majestic series!... Thank you for sharing!...

thank you for the kind words !💚💚💚

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really beatifull photos. Thank you for sharing

thank you

Really liked these. You have a great eye for some of the minimalism shown here Victor. Personally my favorite is the opening image and 2nd last image

thank you for taking a look and for the kind words


thank you brother!

Beautiful images, ripples in the sand are inspiring.

thank you my friend for taking a look !