Playa del Carmen, Quintana Roo Mx

I spent a week in Playa Del Carmen soaking up the sun and hunting some good shots. I brought the over ten year old Nikon D5100. It travels much easier on a vacation where sand is involved and I have way less stress than the Z6. I'm pretty sure that I have woken up with night sweats and visions of sand in the sensor.

This is my absolute favorite shot of the trip. I woke up on the second day and first thing got this fantastic pic. Everything was just perfect and I consider myself fortunate to even have the opportunity.

The weather really was hit or miss, only had maybe 2-3 days of full sun. A lot of rain or sporadic rain during the week that made full days outside difficult, but the times we had outside were magic.



I'm proud of this shot as well. I had to crop it down from a larger shot but I think it's nicely framed with the just perfect colors. Let me know what you think, is it framed to tight?


Pools for miles at this place. Sometimes these got a bit too out of hand for me and we had to find greener pastures.


For this shot I was practicing following waves in with the camera in hand and trying to get inside the curl, but the waves were too small this day. This was one of the better shots from the day.


The views were amazing and I cannot wait for the next trip to the ocean in the early summer. I'm going to miss the climate and warmth while I hibernate for the next few months up north.

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These are some crystal clear photos! Looks like an awesome place to play!

Thank you! The views were incredible. I'm not for "all inclusive" in every situation though, lol your mileage may vary.

Looks like the beauty there was all inclusive. Glad you got some sunny days to fully appreciate it and no sand in the sensor! hahaha Cheers