Yes it was really cold, but completley still and the view made me forgot how cold it was 😁 lol
It might be cold at your canal but there sure is a beautiful view.
And I absolutly LOOVE your black&white pictures, some pictures loose its magic in b&w but you bring magic to them. What edits do you use most?

Have a wonderful week and Thank you for your kind words 🙏🥰

Thanks @saffisara ! I spend a lot of time playing with the contrasts and shadow settings. Its amazing how you can change the mood of a shot that in colour looks quite boring but in band w with a little meddling it can become quite dramatic and moody. I have an eye for seeing what i believe will look good in monochrome. I think your images are pretty awesome. You capture textures very well. A good eye you have!

That is so True, so many pictures can look boring but when you play around with edits and effects, also black&white you can bring out the contrast and magic.
I have some favorite black&white pictures that I think got pretty good, but yours is different and I like the way they look, feels like you there and somehow a little mysterious 😉

I think flower pictures and objects are easier, but like yours with water sky and canal is harder to get right... For me anyway.

Happy thursday 🌹