Today's Sunrise, and Happy B-Day Quill Dog!

Today's sunrise was a nice one. Not quite as nice as forecasted but I can't complain. It's been getting cold here in Truckee, there was a bit of ice on Donner Lake, which doesn't freeze over every year. We have snow in the forecast so I wanted to photograph the frozen surface before the snow messes it all up.


Shot on a Canon 5DS R with a 16-35mm lens, set at 16mm. ISO 100, aperture f/22, and it was a half second exposure. A tripod and a graduated neutral density filter were used.

And here's a vertical version below.


Back to the reason you really clicked on this post... Happy 3rd Birthday Quill Dog!!!

Quill did not accompany me on the sunrise shoot this morning, but it's his birthday so I wanted to get him out to one of his favorite walks - the Legacy Trail along the Truckee River. There were lots of other people out walking dogs on the trail this afternoon, that's why it's always one of Quill's favorites. Here's a few phone photos of the B-day boy. Good dog Quill!






Thanks for looking and I hope you are all having a great day too. Cheers to Friday!

Scott Thompson
Scott Shots Photography



Crystal clear shots! Thanks for sharing.

Always happy to share here! Cheers!

Beautiful view, wonderful you caught him.

What did you give the guy for his third birthday?

He got lots of extra treats throughout the day and a big walk at one of his favorite spots. But he has a silly amount of toys already so nothing new there.


Happy Birthday Quill! Nice shot of Donner with both the sunrise and the snow reflecting. It was bitter cold here this morning -21F (-35F windchill). The coldest its been in like 50 years.

Dang!!! Sounds painful.
It was -7F here last week. That's about the temperature that my knees start to hurt and I stop having outdoor fun.

Beautiful captures. Perfect lens for the first shot. I like the colours… the ice in the foreground. It makes it truly special.

Happy birthday Quill 🥳🥳🎉🎉
Nice you went on one of his favourite walks.
Happy weekend Scott!

Glad you like those, thank you! And Quill says thank you too... Cheers!

You are welcome Scott, that’s nice 👋🏻😎

WOW! This is beautiful! The mountains and these views are the biggest reasons I love living up north. Have an amazing weekend

Thank you @gubbatv! The views make the cold temps worth it. Have a great weekend too, cheers!

Aww your little quill dog is soo photogenic 😍😍 happy birthday to him!

He says thank you! And yeah, I think he knows it too... Always smiling when I get the phone out.


Good pic📸👌

Thank you!

Beautiful photography 😍😍

Thank you!

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