Straight 8 hour drive to see the Rhinefalls in Switzerland!

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Traveling through Switzerland is a true treat, especially when you're behind the lens. My first time visiting Switzerland was all about one thing (well more of course), capturing the Rhine river waterfall, the largest in Europe, on camera. The 150-meter-wide waterfall is a true natural wonder, and I knew that it would make for an incredible fine art photograph.

I drove for about 8 hours straight, with a few pitstops along the way, and a 30-minute power-beauty-sleep #weStillUgly, before I arrived in a pitch-black area. Was this it? This should be it, I'm not sure, and I can't see anything either. Opening the car door just an inch made it clear that I was indeed where I wanted to be. The sound of the waterfall is intimidating. I couldn't wait, but I think it was around 5-6 AM when I arrived, so it was pretty dang dark. I decided to park the car around the corner and sleep for a few hours in the car. It was uncomfortable. Waking up around 10ish in a car, after an 8-hour sit in that very same car, did feel absolutely horrible #bigbrainmasterplan. I do remember this all too well. Luckily, there are snacks and breakfast in the trunk.

©2023 - Ruben Cress

I gave myself a few minutes to eat breakfast as well as opening my eyes, it surely was nice being able to look at the surroundings as it was the first time that I'm able to see something from Switzerland in broad daylight. Not long after, I decided to take my camera and tripod, and walk to the waterfall. The sound of crashing water was getting louder and louder. Oh man, seeing that waterfall just around the corner was insane. This is so impressive, this memory is always going to stick around in my head. I always enjoy seeing stuff for the first time. And I think I'm kind of humble about it because I live in the flatlands called the Netherlands. It's so dull, I can get excited over some hills on steroids thinking it may be a mountain.

I spent some hours scouting the area, searching for the perfect composition. I experimented with different lenses (my 50mm and wide-angle 17-40mm), playing with the perspective to emphasize the scale of the waterfall and the movement of the water. I waited for the right light, timing my shots to capture the sun's rays as they reflected on the water and shine through the foamy water. At this point, I was really hoping that my ND filter would allow me to make a long-exposure shot so I could get those smooth silky water shots.

©2023 - Ruben Cress

©2023 - Ruben Cress

©2023 - Ruben Cress | This bark looks ancient

©2023 - Ruben Cress

One of my best works as a 1/1 NFT

Finally, I captured the image that I really wanted. It took me hours to get this composition. The photograph captures the raw immense power and beauty of the waterfall. Once I got home and saw it on a big screen, I knew that this was going to be one of my best works. I made the decision to mint this photograph as a 1/1 NFT on Foundation, with my collection "Boxed Moments". This photograph holds many memories for me, from the journey to the editing process and finally the minting of it as an NFT. I am proud to offer it to collectors who appreciate the art of fine art photography and want to hold a piece of my work, a "real Cress".

The NFT is minted on Foundation, with my collection "Boxed Moments". You can view the listing here.

©2023 - Ruben Cress

What's the loudest Waterfall you heard?

Thanks for checking out my post about my short journey to the Rhinefall. I hope you enjoyed it, and of course my photographs. Have you ever been to a waterfall? If so, how much noise did you experience? And did you spend 8 hours in a car as well just to see some water? I'd do it again! And I should definitely come back to that place again.


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How does one get that smooth water flow look? I've seen some other photographers over the years but damn you seem to perfect it.

Thanks man, the trick for getting smooth water in the photographs is to use ND-filters (neutral-density), and/or using a tiny aperture (big f/ number). The thing is though... you don't want a overkill of the smoothness, and you don't want too little of it. I think I spend 2 hours here in total to get all of the settings right.

That long drive is well worth it. Fantastic shots.

Appreciate that @mhel!

Some of these shot are just too good, gotta love the radiant tone too.


Thanks man!

You are welcome bro. 🥃

Stunning ❣️

Switzerland is so beautiful.

Switzerland is really nice, did you visit? 👀

Not yet. It’s a dream destination

Stunning photos man!! you managed to used the perfect settings to enchance the beauty of the place!

Thanks man, appreciate that :))

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Is lensy still a thing on hive btw? Or is @nftshowroom going to include photography nft's as well? They're becoming quite pop on other chains.

Lensy? Never heard of that.

Yeah, was kinda bummed out about NFTshowroom not accepting Photography, also not entirely sure what to think of the minting fee and royalties. All platforms handle normal gas-fees, and take 10% or something from a sale. Not sure why you would want to add artificial gas-fees, and take a % per sale. seems like the last activity was 4 months ago, where someone buys an NFT. Or did you mean NFTshowroom getting popular on other chains? :D

Daaaaamnnnn that is a nice acutally you got there and it totally deserves to become and NFT!

In my swiss years for no reason I have never visited the falls but they are so beautiful. Love the first shot with the smooth water as well. Nice one mr photographer!

The Switzerland landscapes are so beautiful. I would like to comeback there.



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