Red pill, red pill

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Yesterday, I received a text message with a notification telling me my medication is ready to be picked up. Medication? What medication? A little bit confused as I was, I called my general practitioner to ask what it was about.

Well, the blood test came in, and apparently, I had a shockingly low Vitamin D running in my blood (<10nnol/L). Lol... I was already prepared to die of a weird disease. So. yeh... Tired? Exhausted. I kinda feel relieved now that I know that my exhausted feeling was justified. The question is, how long have I been dealing with this low Vitamin D? Holy shit, I'm so grateful for the trip last year to Paris, as I probably wouldn't have come out of the house much otherwise. In case you're not aware of how "shocking" this <10 nnol/L is, my entire Vitamin D storage was depleted. As much as it was exhausting, I was too. Normal people should have between 50-110 nnol/L in their blood. Whereas, 50 already could give you symptoms of feeling tired. It does make a lot of sense now. I'm Asian, and I live in the Netherlands.

Bruh, I'm laughing and trying to compose myself as it is a serious matter. Here I was, thinking I'd die of some irreversible liver disease while it was going to take control for the rest of my life. Dramatic I know lol. Vitamin D. The poor procrastinating lil bastard in me should get his ass kicked. Like, a bare minimum of 15 minutes walking distance away from home-kicked. I feel a bit ashamed and relieved that we know at least one thing that's wrong with my physical well-being. Glad I reached out to the doctor, to be honest. Apparently, it's a pretty serious thing if you have low Vitamin D values for a longer period. That probably may explain why I fucking magically broke my rib last year. I thought it was coughing that did the trick, but I couldn't imagine how much coughing power (over 900 probably) it would take to break a break (twice). If this is really the case... what the actual F.

It kinda also explains why I felt like forgetting stuff during the day or can't come up with words as I speak. Felt like I was getting dumber and dumber every single day. I'm glad though, that I haven't really got depressed feelings or emotions, as that seems to be usually the case when you don't have enough Vitamin D. Or another conclusion would be that my life is already super depressing, and it couldn't get any worse #darkhumor.

©2023 - Ruben Cress

Anyway... I didn't know about it being so low until @lackofcolor responded really surprised by the amount of Vitamin D I had to take. "What number is on there?", well... I have no clue what it all means, but I'm guessing you mean this... oh wait... that's a pretty long number for a pill? 10,000, no wait, 100,000 UNITS. "WHAT? THAT'S A LOT!". Like, I have no idea, but she used to work in a pharmacy, so I guess momma knows best eh? So, moving forward, after speaking with the assistant of my general practitioner, she told me we were going to wait and see how my Vitamin D levels will be in 3 months and do another check. In the meantime, they're going to do a little bit more research, but I have a feeling that this may be a big part of all of it.

Before taking the pill I took some photographs of it and wanted to make something cool out of it. It got me thinking about how such a small pill could help me feel better.

©2023 - Ruben Cress

©2023 - Ruben Cress


I didn't really think about it, as when I'm in a creative state of mind, I just start creating. It's a process I sometimes can't control. I kinda like making gradients.

©2023 - Ruben Cress

©2023 - Ruben Cress

Where were we?

Oh yeah... It's already 2 hours later. Time does travel with the mind. Where were we again? Ah... I was talking about the Vitamin D pill and how I tried to photograph it in a creative way. I used just this photograph to make all of the above. Pretty cool!

©2023 - Ruben Cress

Take your Vitamin D!

If you didn't already know, taking Vitamin D is crucial for our bodies. If you're a little bit tinted like me or colored, and you moved to a "colder" country, you definitely should make sure that you're getting enough Vitamin D. Trust me, you don't wanna end up like me, waking up exhausted, etc.

That being said, I'm curious how things will move forward from now on, I'll try to keep you guys updated, but I think that this should hopefully change for the better soon.


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Ive been taking Vitamin D for a few years now and my levels are finally getting back to the normal range. I think most people are deficient in Vitamin D, especially those that dont work outside. Hopefully you can get things under control and start to feel better.

Nice man, good to hear, I hope I can get back ASAP to those levels as well. Stuff is draining (literally) me. How many units are you taking? Usually, people take max. 5000 IU (125 ug) a week if they need to re-stock Vitamin D. Not sure low I was on Vitamin D since that 100,000 IU (2500 ug) pill is 20x that amount.

The most annoying part for me right now is that I just sometimes have a blackout or can't come up with words during a conversation. It makes me feel as if my brainpower is fading away lol.

I am taking about 1000 to 2000 IU a day of vitamin D, but I have seen them recommend higher dosages for short periods of time. When my wife starts feeling like she is getting sick, she takes like 5000 IU a day for a few days and it helps keep her from getting sick. I dont think you are supposed to take high doses of it for long though.

Are you always low on Vitamin D?

When a person does not eat strong things, vitamin D deficiency occurs, the doctor asks to take a pill and if you have to eat it daily, then the health of the person is restored. A person should take the medicine as prescribed by his doctor as it is very necessary for his health. When a person takes medicine from a doctor, he eats for two or three days, then he gets well, after that he does not eat, then after some time his health returns to normal. We pray that you get well soon.

Thanks! Yeah, I hope I get better soon!

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