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So the end of my first half-year of photography school is near. And there are still a bunch of assignments that I haven't finished yet.

Below, a series of "Imperfection". A face is supposed to be symmetrical, but it never really is. And now that I am getting older, the wrinkles start showing, my cheeks are sagging, I need my glasses if I refuse to wear contacts and my spots get more and more visible.











Great series <3

A cool thing to do is to 'flip' the left or right halves of some of the 'symmetrical' pics and see how horrible symmetrical actually looks like on a face :-)

haha... I don't want to know, I think :D

:D Maybe you do, maybe you don’t. It’s freaky :-)

!LUV So daring these days of filters and retouching to lay it all bare.🙏🏻

thanks :) It's scary, indeed!!

I think it is important today to find beauty in nature. for me, asymmetries are like the impression of our life experience, each wrinkle, each tone, each mark tells a story. Beautiful job!

Wabi-Sabi talks about the beauty in imperfection. And I love that idea! That is what makes us all so unique and interesting.

Oh, I had to google it since I mixed it up with Kintsugi. Was about to pour gold into my wrinkles ;)



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