I brought my camera! And I ended up taking the subway...

For photography school, we have so many confusing and challenging assignments that sometimes it is liberating to just walk around without a plan. So a few days ago, I met up with a classmate to just walk around Amsterdam and go see what would happen.

It started pretty disastrously. We had no inspiration and everything looked pretty boring and plain. By the time it was dark outside, we decided to move underground into the "newish" subway system of Amsterdam. And we were lucky enough to pick one of the more photogenic stations to start at!

A lot of double escalators and glass... see-throughs and multiple levels. All the photos we took earlier could be ignored, we were suddenly on a roll.


I got a few longish exposures and some odd perspectives. But what I got most out of it was enthusiasm to go back underground in the coming weeks! I am just such a sucker for architecture!