Hurry Up!

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So yesterday was a big day for photography school. It was the evaluation of my first half year. My best series were on display for a committee and the final decision was to promote me to the next class that will start in September.

One of the series I displayed is called "Hurry Up!". Isn't it always the case, that when you are in a hurry... people decide to stand still right in front of you? You can't pass them on the escalator... or they magically feel the need to stand still in the middle of a shopping street? This series shows the longing for space and free flow in contrast with the people blocking your way.

kalverstraat langzaam.jpg





Beautiful Black and white photography

Yay congrats on making it to the next class! That is very exciting. Lots of movement in the series.

Great work.

stunning series. congrats on the results you got