Anosmia, the hidden disability

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While I am at it... Why not share with you another small series that I created as school-assignment? This time it is one showing life as an anosmic (a person that has no sense of smell). Without being able to smell anything, I am blind to some things that seem evident to others. It can turn into funny, but also dangerous situations and I have experienced all in my life....

It was clear that I wanted to make a series about this part of my life. But how do you capture something as invisible as smell? I started listing situations and slowly they turned into visual mini-stories.

I believe "art" shouldn't be explained too much, so I'll leave the exact interpretation to you. And who knows... maybe this will not be a finite series!




Want to learn more about anosmia? Read an old post I wrote about it.


My Nana couldn't smell either. I always thought it was the oddest thing. She had a beautifully fragrant wisteria just outside her door as as a kid I was so shocked when she said she couldn't smell it.

that's so funny... I have a wisteria in my garden. Just for the fullness and color of it. Poor Nana, but I bet her fantasy helped her create an imaginary smell around the flowers.

Fun to learn more about you. I guess more people can understand you now.

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