When your architect has a problem with straight lines...

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...you end up with this 😉

This is a house near where I live. Right behind my corner actually and I see it every day when I go for a walk with my dog.

And now you can say what you want, but in my opinion this has much more style than all those modern constructions of today.

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this is amazing dear friend @pixelfan
I love the architectural design, it has a lot of personality and character
I appreciate you letting us know about this property.

Thanks for passing by and your compliments 👍

I think this is really a beautiful building that you always see when you walk your dog.

And my dog finds it too...after pissing on it 🙃😲😜🤭

Hahahahaha, lol.

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Nature isn't that great fan of straight lines. Rivers like to carve things into curved shapes. Rocks like to shear off in jagged shapes. I am always pleased when architects create building with more natural shapes.


Absolutely correct 👍

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Ahahah, that's quite strange and funny! 😆


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