Architectural Photography: the magnificent Brevnov Monastery in Prague

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

It has been a while since my last post dedicated to some interesting piece of architecture so I´m excited to come up with one today. This one, however, will be a really special one as it will show you the oldest monastery in the Czech Republic.

With its origins dating back all the way down to the year 993, the Brevnov Monastery is more than a thousand years old now. Located in the Prague neighborhood of the same name (Brevnov), the monastery has always been occupied and used by the Benedictine monks, members of the famous monastic religious order of the Catholic Church.

These days, the Brevnov Monastery is a large complex that includes many different buildings and areas. There is a massive Baroque basilica, a brewery, some prelacy houses, an orangery, gardens and orchards, decorative fountains, a cemetery etc. The complex is really huge and you can easily spend many hours exploring it. There is also a little vintage pub where you can buy the beer produced by the brewery that must be among the oldest breweries in Europe since it was built together with the monastery back in the 10th century.

Thanks to the very unique and charming vibes of the place, the Brevnov Monastery is also a popular wedding site and there was actually one beautiful wedding taking place right there when we were visiting it. You might even see some of the wedding guests in my photos below, even though I was trying not to capture them of course :)

Without further ado, let me show you some of the pictures that I took both inside and outside of the Brevnov Monastery Complex in Prague.



kopie 3.jpg








kopie 2.jpg








I hope you enjoyed this little virtual around the complex of the famous Brevnov Monastery in Prague, one of the National Cultural Monuments of the Czech Republic. The entrance to the complex is free of charge and you can actually access it from several different spots. It´s a very interesting and enjoyable place, especially if you combine your visit of the site with some beer tasting :) Outside of the complex, there are also these two picturesque little lakes that you can use for some cool reflection effects as you could see in two images above ;)

If you want to explore the monastery yourself the next time you are in Prague, you can find the exact location of the complex on Pinmapple where I just pinned it.

Thanks for your attention guys. Greetings from lately autumnal Prague!

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V Praze stačí jen mačkat spoušť. Ať míří objektiv kamkoli, všude se najde zajímavý záběr :-).
za použití #aroundtheworld

Část odměny by jsi měl připsat @liltammy, že tě nasměrovala správným směrem :-)

Díky :) A neboj, @liltammy nepřijde zkrátka :)


Jak malované!📸💫

Jo, moc hezký výlet jsi (zase) naplánovala ;) :*

Incredible how some buildings can last so long... I suppose that most of these buildings in the photos are "younger"?
Thanks for sharing these great photos!

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You are right, the original monastery has undergone many reconstructions over the centuries. The current appearance is mostly Baroque I think :)

Thanks for curation and mention in your digest! Much appreciated.

Много красиви снимки 🤍💚❤

Thank you Katya :) Greetings to Bulgaria!


It seems green is a part of Czechia and Prague. I don't know whether it is a natural pool or lake, but it goes attractive with the Monaestry.

Thanks for letting us know one more place in Prague with beautiful photos :)

It was actually much greener here in spring and summer, now the colors are mostly gone ;) Yeah, the reflection effects on the lake are cool, I could have spent more time playing with that... Glad you enjoyed the pictures man, thanks for your kind feedback!

Stunning photos as always, @phortun!
Really huge place. It's always wonderful to see the sort of commitment man had to religions and stuffs like it that are mostly mythical and fictitious.

Well sensed man, there is something magical / mystical about ancient monasteries indeed. It´s just overwhelming to think that it has been there for more than a millennium. I mean all those events and moments it had to witness in the past...

Thanks for your kind feedback and support my friend! Much appreciated :)

Lets check if that is still working...

@tipu curate 5

Nice photos btw and glad to see you are still holding around. Hope you are well!

It obviously does (work), thanks so much Andy! :) And yeah, still here, doing my thing on daily basis and ready to celebrate my fifth Hive birthday in a few days :) Hope to get some update from you too... Cheers!

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Thank you guys for your support!

Wow this is large… such a beautiful place. The first capture, with the reflection is just stunning. 😎🤩
Thank you so much for taking us along when you visited this monastery.
Have a wonderful week further @phortun

Thank you for your kind words Little Bee, always a pleasure to have you swing by ;) Have a lovely week too!

You are so welcome @phortun 👋🏻😊 always happy to check out your posts.
I’m busy planning a country move for next month, so haven’t been really out and about to join in with photos lately. But I will, soon 🤓😉
Have a wonderful Wednesday!

Wow, what country are you moving to? I thought you were happy in Southern Spain :) Anyway, fingers crossed for you so that everything goes smoothly!

Let’s say I will post soon all about this big change. Country number 6 for me 😉😎
Of course… but it doesn’t mean one can move on 😉🤓 new adventures await us… and back to 4 proper seasons including snow ⛄️ hahaha 🤣 it has been yearsssssss so hope I can get used to it soon. Wild nature awaits us… I hope it too. Booked flights today for the 19th 🛫✈️
Thank you kindly 😎

I can totally relate as I have lived in 7 countries so far :D But moving back to a country with 4 seasons from sunny Southern Spain now with winter just around the corner, that sounds very challenging to say the least :D It was already snowing and freezing here in Prague just a few days ago! Will keep an eye on your blog to find out more about your move ;)

Than you know, it doesn’t really matter where one lives… everywhere is home. 😉😎 and we are not bound to a country or place anymore. I am not for sure. Never had roots anywhere, as I moved close to 50 times now hahaha 🤣

Yep… it will be very challenging. But you know what. Now that the weather is more extreme in Spain, hotter in the summer and colder in the winter. A mild climate is welcome. And here in the south, the houses don’t have heating… so a place with heating will be perfect for the winter 🤓😎 all will be fine.
Let’s see how mid December onwards will go.
Thanks @phortun 👋🏻😊

That is indeed interesting architecture. There are so many beautiful photos here. I see on has just been featured in Photography Lovers, so congratulations! 😃

Thank you :) Well the funny thing is that for their digest, the Photography Lovers curators always pick some other shot from my post than the one that I consider the best :D Does it happen to you too?

Lol, all the time, which is the best thing. When I see I got mentioned by their community account, it's always a fun wait, to see which of the photos got selected. And as you say, never the one you think it's the best. But this is not a bad thing at all :)

Hehe exactly! :) So I´m not the only one, good to know :D Just for fun though, which one would you pick from this post?

No, you're not the only one :P
Which one would I pick? Are you ready? 😂






But then again, I'm evaluating the photos from architectural point of view 😍

I meant just one but thank you! :D So let me think that you like these shots equally and you couldn´t pick just one :D

Ok, if you mean only one, then the first one!

Naozaj pekné miesto, snáď sa nám tam niekedy podarí ísť na rodinný výlet :)

Díky :) Věřím, že se vám tam bude líbit, zvlášť, pokud máte rádi dobré pivo :D

Wow - thats quite an impressive place indeed ! Looks like a great place to visit !

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Yay! Thank you so much for the mention Pauline! Happy and honored to be featured there :)

Your post has great historical value.
The angle of the shot was really beautiful, and I felt like visiting it.

Not sure about the historical value of this post but thank you :D ;)

I am very sure, therefore want to visit there :)

The pictures of this monastery are truly catching the structure wowed me as I have much love iconic buildings but the location and the serenity is what pinned my attention. How calm and welcoming this place must be. No form of population just clean environment.

Thank you, I´m really glad that you enjoyed this little photo collection :) Well, in fact, there is usually quite a lot of people in this place as it´s a very famous monastery but fortunately, the complex is large enough for the people to spread around so it rarely feels crowded there ;)

If wishes were horses they say 'beggars would ride'.. how I wish I could visit this place but that possiblity is very odd. I rather enjoy more post from here. Thanks for bringing the wider world closer to us via photos.

My pleasure man but I hope you will still get a chance to visit my country to see everything for yourself one day ;) Greetings to Nigeria!

We keep hoping all things are possible .

It's funny that a while ago I had the same thought in my head, namely to create a post with the churches of Transylvania and other parts of Romania to see the architectural differences :D

While I didn't have time to set this up, I'm happy to see something similar from a different part of the globe :)

Well, I´m not exactly comparing architectural differences in this photography series, it´s more just about random but cool buildings that I happen to visit either on my travels or in the places where I end up living for some time :) But yeah, your concept sounds good too, go for it! I mean once you process those thousands of photos and videos that you just took in Italy :D

Haha. I actually keep postponing that moment with the hope that I'll make a selection and come up with just a few pictures not to seem like I spam it, lol. But I fail terribly because I like all of theeem! xD

Heh, I know this! :) You can still make a series out of it though, several parts ;)

With how things work lately on the chain, or at least with my posts, I think I'll get back to posting once per week for a while 🥺

It's not because I can't accept that my posts don't earn as much as they used to but the thing that I put so much time and dedication to write each of them no matter what the topic is... makes me feel that it's not worthy anymore..

I can understand your frustration Gabriela but on the other hand, it´s important to remember not to take anything here for granted. I remember your posts got a lot of attention from various big curators in the past, well deserved of course as your posts are usually top notch pieces but at the same time, I knew about authors who put just as much effort in their work and they only got a fraction of the rewards that you were getting... I´m sorry that you feel your content is now undervalued but nobody can take anything here for granted, that´s something we all need to remember.

Absolutely. I do know and I remember those times. But equally I wasn't investing as much time as now because when I started getting lots of attention on my posts I was still posting 1-2 times per week.
While then I had a period with posting daily, and lately 3-4 times per week. So at least double the effort I was doing before.

That's why seeing all these I thought it's a sign to slow down for a bit because I just run myself to a new burnout without even worthing anymore.

I'm not complaining of not getting enought rewards as I've been on the platform for 5 years and I definitely know how things work. If I didn't leave when I was making under 1$ on my posts, I won't leave now either. :)

Teda, vypadá to dost dobře. Fotky pecka jako vždy. Díky za potencionální tip na památku.

Tak ty bys ocenil asi hlavně ten pivovar hádám :D Založili ho zároveň s tím klášterem, takže se tam to pivo vaří přes tisíc let, to už by mohli mít tu recepturu opravdu vychytanou za tu dobu :D

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