Vrmdza lake - organic beauty

When I heard about the village that refused to die, I decided to see for myself whether it was true or just another propaganda trick of the current government.

So, it is true!

If I take into account the general trend of the outflow of young people from the villages in Serbia, and even from the country itself, this place really becomes an oasis for all those who aim for a true connection and a return to nature. A commune was founded in this village, where not only the locals live, but also a significant number of people from different parts of the world.

The village of Vrmdža is 15 kilometers from Sokobanja, South East Serbia.

Vrmdža Lake is located 4 km from the village. The area itself is very rich in natural beauty, from spacious pastures to beautiful glades, to naturally sculpted rocks. About 60 endemic species of medicinal plants grow in this area.

The lake is of karst origin, formed after several earthquakes, almost circular in shape, about 50 meters in diameter. There are fish and other living creatures in the lake that follow these biocenoses. The environment is ideal for camping.









Vrmdza Panorama.jpg



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