Kayaking down the Vistula river in Krakow, Poland 🛶

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Hey guys,

when it comes to exploring the beautiful Polish city of Krakow, there are many different ways but today, I would like to show you the one that I enjoy the most and that is while kayaking.

The largest and longest river in Poland, Wisla (or Vistula in English) flows through the city, offering a variety of water sports and fun activities to do.
Kayaking is one of them and I must say I really enjoyed this thing. There are several places along the river where you can rent the kayak. It´s easy, fast and cheap, you only need some ID and some little cash.

Here is a bunch of photos I took from the kayak while sailing on the river last summer. Enjoy;)









Už se těším, až se zase projedeme :) Parádní fotky.

@tipu curate


Pádla jsou nepochybně kajaková... Ale ta plavidla mi spíš připomínají kanoe.

Pádla super, kayak super - mali sme krásny čas a len na tom záleží💫🙏

Boží! Hezky si to tam užíváte. 👌

Fotky sú ešte z min. leta, ale už teraz sa teším na novú sezónu!!🌊

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