Everything is wet

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_DSF6743 copy.jpg

Fuji X-T4 - 80mm macro
ISO 640 - 1/250s - f/8

One of the good things about photographing in the morning is that you'll have a nice morning dew on the plants. This makes the photographs more interesting because of those tiny little drops of water.


The reflection on the dew drops is so cool! I can only imagine how the tiny insects see these big dew drops, maybe they think "hey free water pops!" but that it quite stupid to think as that is already "normal" to them. XD

The bokeh in this lens is quite interesting. Some actually don't like this as it looks octagonal but I don't mind it. I don't usually pay attention to bokehs but since this is different and not the usual circle bokeh, it got my attention. Just okay, although I'm not a big fan.



I really love this sparkle in particular. It's not enough that it's pretty, it really has to show you that spark. :P


Along the way, I also found that there are actually quite a lot of small mushrooms on the ground. I've been walking here for quite some time but I actually didn't notice them until I focused my eyes on the ground. I don't know what mushrooms they are tho, but they're so cute. XD


I also realized that taking photos of mushrooms can be quite a challenge. You know you'd want to take a photo of its whole "body" but since the cap is closer to the camera, sometimes that's the only thing you can focus, and the stalk becomes blurred. Focusing on the stalk will have your cap blurred too. 😅

If you turn the aperture on a higher number to have more sharpness, you'll have less light. And taking pics of macro in a slow shutter speed is not ideal. I guess that's how flash comes in. :P



This mushroom was also alone in a hole someone dug. It's a different color than the others and I call it "black metal mushroom". XD


This plant is so tiny I don't know if that's its "adult" stage or just really young. This one is so pretty as it can hold a LOT of dew drops on different part of its body.

_DSF6799 1.jpg

Here is a cropped one so you can see how many and tiny those drops are. :D


Hi @hiddenblade

These photos are spectacular and so crisp. I love that you were able to capture the rainbow colours and the sparkle as you say just makes the whole image pop.

I loved the way you described insects seeing the water droplets, that made me smile!

Thank you! Yeah the rainbow colors was really nice, I would say it was a lucky shot for me 🤣

I don't think it was luck, I think it was skill!

Marvelous! Your new toy does the job well 🤩

!PIZZA as an extra

Yeees it’s amazing lens :D thank you!

Awesome shots! The mushrooms looks so beautiful with your shots! So many details! I like the black metal mushroom! Seems like it’s the odd one out of the group 😅

Thank you! Haha yeah it was also surrounded by some millipedes and roots which makes it even more black metal. 🤣

😍 Gonna get my camera and lens! Nasuya ko! Kanindot oi!

Worth it jud sya Kim :D maski mobile lang tas lens extension nindot napud kay there’s literally a different world out there hahah amazing daghan finds

Lagi! Naa naman ko macro lens na baratohon. 🥲 Wala pa lang jud ko kaexplore kay tapulan kaayo.

Perfect time of year for some 'Black Metal' hahaha These are some fantastically crisp shots. I really like the way you framed the shots in your compositions. Excellent job and thanks for sharing here with us!

Yay, sparkles! What time in the morning were these taken?

It was around 6-7am, sun wasn’t harsh enough yet to dry out all those dew but bright enough to lighten them up :D

Oh, wow! Looks like we have a new photographer. These are great macro photos. I hope they're called macro, I'm not sure. I especially love the cover photo. Really professional shots.

Yes they’re called macro :D Thank you! I’m doing my best haha I love this hobby

what a beauty! wonderfull work.

Diamonds hanging in morning light always delightful to capture the magic within each, before passing along to find something a little different.



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