Castle Sterkenburg! History from the 13th century!

In the Netherlands we have castle weekend once a year! That means that most of the castles are open and have some nice events or festivals going on!

Some castles in the Netherlands are privately owned and conferred to bed and breakfast of congers areas! They only can be visited if you book a room or is you are attending an event there!

So a couple of years ago i discovered castle Sterkenburg and i saw it wasn't open for public! This year they opened the doors during castle weekend and i went there and took a tour.

(This is a picture i took last fall! It was to rainy to get the drone up in the air! more drone pictures at the end of this post!)

The castle founded in the thirteenth century. The castle is on a island, surrounded by canals. It's located in national park Utrechtse Heuvelrug, a countryside with meadows, fruit orchards, forest and water.

On the estate you will find not only the Castle, but also outbuildings like the Coach house and the Gardeners house surrounded by canals and a lot of monumental trees. The storks have their nest next to the castle, the chickens are walking through the garden, the ducks are swimming in the canals and sometime deer's will show themselves in the orchard in the twilight.


Different family's still life on the compound and they maintain the area and the castle, they clean the castle and they welcome the guests who stay the night in the castles B&B! They also look after the fruit orchards and from the apple they make juice and they will turn the plums in to jam for a fresh breakfast!

You can take a lovely walk trough the gardens witch have monumental trees in them such as oaks, plane trees, lime trees and cypress trees. That day the weather was very wet so i didn't walk trough out the whole garden but this will give you a little impression!

At the entrance there is a little watch tower! This was the first line of defense of the castle!


walking down the entrance way you soon will see the castle!





In the back yard there is a little pond! There is also a small rowing boat that you can take to go on to the water! The weather was very bad as you can see so most of these pictures i took with my Samsung S21 ultra telephone! It is more water resistance than my Canon camera!



Here a view pictures of the Coach house and the Gardeners house!





This old couple was walking in the rain in the garden! they took a lot of pictures of themselves in front of the castle! I love that very much!


I did't take many pictures inside! The tour group was about 25 people and the castle wasn't that big on the inside.




But we did go on top of the tower! It still was raining a little bit but i did capture a couple of pictures with my camera! In the distance you see the city of Utrecht! It was a very grey day!





And here some old drone pictures i took last autumn and winter!





So if you have a change to stay here, really do that! I didn't took pictures of the rooms but trust me, you really think you are a prince or princes if you stay here! Go check the website of Castle Sterkenburg!


Wow castle... Loving photos you took

Thank you 🙏

Beautiful, like from fairy tales. It is a great privilege that you have been able to visit that castle. From the trails, the gardens and the castle itself, it is a dreamlike place, beautiful, everything well cared for. Thanks to the drones we were able to enjoy these extraordinary captures.

Thank you so much! The garden around the castle is way bigger but it was poring rain so i skipped it! Hopefully next year would be better!

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Aww, another gorgeous place I need to visit one day. It's absolutely fantastic and thank you for sharing these photos and your experience with us.

I've been to Utrecht once, but it was a one day trip from the Hague.

You can spend a week in the region and then you still haven't seen everything! 😄

Hopefully one day I will spend a week there 😀

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Thank you guy's 🙏

Awesome place backed up with some amazing photos!

Thanks Andy! I love these castles! I will go shoot more of them!

Amazing shots. This place looks magical.

Thank you! I am waiting for fog to go back, then it would be more magical 😁

Very beautiful!

Thank you! 🙏

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Thank you all! 🙏

This castle is really beautiful and you have depicted beautiful angles. The aerial autumn image is interesting and a special order can be seen in the photo.

Thank you ! But what do you mean by special order? I don't understand that!

It's very beautiful. I will imagined this is my house 😆😆😆.

Than make the room in the tower your bedroom! Its awesome!

What a gem of history! Its placement makes it even more interesting to be visited. Love the mixt between history and nature! ☺️

It's close to Utrecht and if the weather is good you can take a nice bike ride to that area!

Oh, I'd never say no to a bike ride! Yet another activity I love ❤️

Marvellous piece of architecture, very impressive shots :)

@tipu curate

They did a great job in the middle ages👍

You got awesome pictures. I would so love to visit more castles in the future, this one is in really good condition, it's so good to see that they are being well looked after. It made my day :)

They did a very good job here! The rooms are not cheap but this B&B experience is awesome!

That is beautiful , the Netherlands is really a great place hope to travel there someday ❤️