Coastal Walk and Sunset Hunt

These pictures are already about a month old but I haven't posted about it yet. I went to the coast of Kakumae to have some steps and hopefully see some sunset. The clouds were quite promising so it was a good idea to go to the coast.




This time I chose to walk not on the cliff but below it, I don't go there very often so felt like I should today. This is the cliff that is getting destroyed really fast due to erosion. Recently two large trees fell down the edge of the cliff.




Yeah, to be honest, I'm a bit nervous walking there. You never know when some sandstone breaks loose and falls on you. The cliff has falling rocks constantly. Actually, I got scared shitless at one point because I took photos of the cliff when suddenly a bunch of sand fell off the cliff and I was actually able to get it on the shot.



Sunset was too quite nice and I snapped some pictures of the nice colorful clouds that appeared.



Interesting effect. It looks like the sun is still up, it's a reflection of some kind. The sun was actually already below the horizon.


I got one more sunset photo from the same location but it doesn't seem to be the same evening. I don't actually remember taking this shot at all 😅. It was only one picture but the sky is clearly not the same as the day I took all the other pictures. Still, a nice one!