Метелик #44 (Butterfly #44)

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У липні місяці, коли почала цвісти цибуля, мені вдалося зняти метелика на квітці, котрий певний час мені там позував.In July, when the onion began to bloom, I managed to photograph a butterfly on the flower, which posed for me there for some time.






Canon EOS M6 Mark II \EF100mm f/2.8 Macro USM

I am a new user on this platform. Your post is very natural and very nice

Welcome to the platform. Thanks for the comment

Yeah you are welcome

Wow so beautifully captured, I love photographs of nature like these butterfly shots. Thanks for sharing! Sounds camera lense is very high-quality.

Thank you

You took some gorgeous shots!

Thank you

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You've done such a great job because this creatures are difficult to set on cam 😂 I've tried it myself, great shot

Thank you

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