The heck with the stereotypes

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I have found the other day a rosebush from an old local variety that has a very strong and rich aroma. When I returned home with one rose, @traisto asked me to bring some more, when I go to the same place again, in order to prepare rosewater. And so it happened. A few days later I was at the same spot and I grabbed a few roses to take them with me. But before I deliver them to the Herb Lady of the house, I took my camera and had some fun with them!




When I picked them up I was a bit clumsy but since they were about to become rosewater I didn't think that it matters. So when I took them out of my bag they were practically a bunch of rose petals, all mixed up and messy. But that didn't bother me at all! My trustworthy macro lens can transform and (hopefully) beautify any messy reality :)




I took those shots quite a few days ago but when I finished the shooting they looked to me a bit girly and I left them aside. But today I thought the heck with the stereotypes, I'll post them anyway :)

After all it is Sunday and @c0ff33a with his #SublimeSunday tag gives me the perfect excuse

to post something a bit different, wacky, crazy or just whatever takes your fancy

and I might just do so :)




And for the finale of this post, a shot before I brutally cut the roses and take them apart! Of course it is a #beautifulsunday hosted by @ace108 and #alwaysaflower :)

Have a nice Sunday!


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I think these turned out beautifully! I used to think flowers were girly until i began to truly appreciate flowers in all of their many forms. Cool shots my friend.

Thanks a lot!
Now that I see them all together in a post, I like them too :)

It made for a nice collection! =)

Very neat, I like the soft focus makes me feel like I could use these flowers like pillows.

Yes, they do look so soft :)
Thank you very much for stopping by!

You are sure putting that macro lens to good use. Great pictures!

Thank you very much :)
It is so enjoyable to have good gear!

Interesting to get all the different angles of them

Thank you very much @ace108 :)
I am glad you like them!

Nice photography. Great job. And beautiful coloured rose flowers.

Thank you very much, l am glad you like it :)