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Summer is halfway gone and it is only a couple of days ago that we actually felt the summer heat upon us. Although we live at a warm island, our semi-mountainous village is much cooler than the ones by the sea. But since now it is and it feels summer, I have gathered for you a few beach pictures to match the weather!

Those pictures are from a trip that I did at the region of Messinia and more specifically, close to Kyparissia. I have told you about this charming little town in this post. Among its other qualities, it is built on a coastline with gorgeous sandy beaches that are extended for kilometres.

I have visited some of them and below you'll see a sample of the pictures that I took. I think they are enough to give you a pretty good idea of the place! Unfortunately I can't tell that I enjoyed a few good swims too. All those photographs were taken during an assignment with a very tight schedule and very little time for rest, let along for luxuries like swimming :)



The Lagouvardos beach is famous for the windsurfing enthusiasts throughout Greece, having the greatest frequency waves while it is safe without strong currents.

There were no surfers that day but a lot of people chilling at the beach bar!







It is a wonderful beach not well known but it is a must if you are in Kyparissia. Located 3km from the town, it is not organised so it is convenient to bring your own supplies. Ideal for those who seek privacy and a calm environment.

I did find a few sun-beds and a small bar but this beach is so long that I would take my own supplies and choose a spot for myself!





Also very quiet and unorganised with a view to the town that is just lovely!







One more very long beach with a beach bar for those that they need it and a lot of free space for those that prefer solitude!






Kalo Nero

The beach at ‘Kalo Nero’ village or Kalonero as locals say it, actually meaning "good water", is situated on the Gulf of Kyparissia 6 km northeast of Kyparissia town.
This 2.5 kilometres mixed sand with small pebbles beach has clear blue waters of the Ionian open sea and attracts a fair amount of bathers during the summer season especially the peak (July-August)

The truth is that I don't know a lot of beaches in Greece that don't attract a lot of bathers during July and especially during August but all the above are so big that I am pretty sure you'll be able to find your spot to enjoy them!



All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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Well, what can I say about this? Heaven on Earth! Period. 💙

Miss Greece! Want Greece 😭😭

Haha thank you!
I am sure you'll be here soon enough :)

Well, next year is not soon enough! 😪

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Thank you very much for your support @qurator and @ackhoo :)

You're very welcome! :)

Hello @fotostef
The beach has never looked this appealing. With the current heatwave, I would do anything to submerge myself as a means to cool down.
Really nice shots 🙌

Thank you very much!
Yes, I thought that it was the appropriate time for this post :)


Wow, so beautiful pics 👏🏻🥰

Thanks a lot, I am glad you like them :)

Wow, how nice to see these photos! Especially those of Kaló Neró, I have an uncle who lives in Kyparissia and when we used to visit him we used to go to that beach a lot, it's been several years since I've been there, everything continues to be beautiful :)

I am glad you like them and that they reminded you some nice memories!
Thank you very much for stopping by :)

Awesome photographs Stef!

These two are my favorite, what a view!



Thank you very much Ruben!
It is a lovely view indeed :)

The beaches and landscapes are beautiful. Very nice captures where you can appreciate the different blue tones of the sea and the texture of the sand. Spectacular.

Thank you very much for stopping by @hylene74 :)
I am glad you enjoyed my post!

Beautiful beach day, I feel like I'm in that place just by looking at the pictures.

Thanks a lot for stopping by @clauvi :)

I fell in love with this place! It’s really amazing!! The beach the sea, the angle of your shots are amazing!

It is a beautiful area indeed!
Thanks a lot :)

This looks like so so amazing

I am glad you like it :)

Beautiful beaches Stefane :))

This is the kind of Vitamin Sea that I like to experience. Swimming in the waves under the heat of the sun.

Haha, vitamin sea indeed!
Thank you for stopping by @ayane-chan :)

The beach there looks so lovely! Love the stones in the background and that there aren't a lot of people on the sand :D

They are all beautiful beaches indeed :)
Thank you for stopping by!

Beautiful! I passed many of my childhood vacations in Kyparissia, Kalo nero and many other beaches around, I have family in Kyparissia, great memories 💙 thanks for sharing 🤗😺

That's a long way from Kyparissia to Venezuela!
I am very glad that I triggered some nice memories :)

Hahahaha, yes, it is! I was born in Venezuela, my parents are greek, so I lived my childhood in Greece and when I was 12 years old we moved to Venezuela, I went to Greece in 2009 for a long vacation hehehe 😎, I miss those summers 💙🏖️ although the beaches here are also amazing and beautiful 💖 The mediterranean 🇬🇷 and the caribbean 🇻🇪 are in my blood so I can't complain 😁. Have a nice day Stef 👍😺🤗

That water! Have I mentioned how much I love your a dreamland. We also are halfway through winter but equally unnatural weather patterns.

Hi there, haven't see you for a while. Are you OK?
Yes, we love that beaches too :)

Hi and thank you for asking. Had bronchitis but slowly recovering. It's frustrating for someone who never gets sick. I also lost a friend to cancer recently so reliving the journey of my first husband's battle 12 years ago. I could do with a seaside holiday now....

So sorry to hear that! I guess some seaside holiday would have been a medicine for the soul right now. I am not good at sympathising words but my thoughts are with you.

Amazing places/beaches, on some of them you can have more privacy in the sense that there are not so many tourists next to each other.

They are amazing indeed!
Thank you very much for stopping by @triplug :)

Thank you for stopping by @azamsohrabi!
As for your question, I have already answered that and I wouldn't know what else to tell you. There are no shortcuts, just consistency and patience.