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Last week I went for a photo walk with just a 50mm lens on my dslr, as an amusing exercise. A few days later I repeated that exercise with a different lens. And if the 50mm is more or less common as a solo lens (or at least it used to be) the much tighter 100mm, that I have chosen for the second walk, is much more unusual. But let's see what I managed to do with it!





The lens today is the Canon EF 100mm f/2.8L Macro IS USM attached on a Canon 6D mark II full frame camera. All the shots are taken with a wide open aperture.

It is one of the very best macro lenses in the market and a true delight to use it! Getting close to things is almost obligatory and so fun :)

Tiny flowers, the thorny leaves of a kermes oak, a few drops of resin at the wound of a pine, a stick of sage or the red and black fruits of a lentisk, they are all transformed, through that lens, into something magical!







Of course the flowers are taking the biggest part of my attention, how can I resist to such beauty after all but the fact that I was holding an excellent macro lens didn't stop me from taking a few landscape shots. And the result is far from indifferent! I fancy shooting landscapes with a slight telephoto once in a while and this particular lens is perfect for that task too :)





And last but not least, a shot of my walking and life companions, that are always by my side :)



All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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Awesome shots. I really love the delicate look that the 100mm can do at wide open apertures.

It is a great lens and I love working with it wide open, myself :)

Awesome photo journal Stef. Love the variety of macro and wide-angle photographs you show, it ads a whole new feeling to checking out the place.

Btw, what's the minimal distance you need to keep for getting macro shots in focus with the 100mm? I got a sigma and I think it was around 30cm for me.

Thanks a lot Ruben! I had a nice place around me to start with :)

Yes, it must be around 30 cm for canon too, maybe 31.

Ah nice, I tried both Canon and Sigma as I have a converter for my Sony that allows my old Canon lenses to be used. Have you tried the Sigma as well before buying the Canon version?

Sorry for the late reply! We are on the move again and our schedule is very unstable :)

No, I haven't tried the Sigma. I had a lot of Sigma lenses in the past and I was very satisfied by them. But the last upgrade was kind of a dream coming true and the dream was a full set of Canon prime lenses :)

These are some exquisite shots! Really impressive. I am liking this new approach!

Thanks a lot :)
I am glad you like it!

Great lens to wander around with. It’s definitely different. But one can capture amazing things. As you show here clearly. Great macros and I like the dof.
Thanks for sharing.
Have a nice week further 👋🏻😊

Thank you very much, have a lovely day!

You are welcome 👋🏻😊 thanks a lot!

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Nature is so alive in your are. Wish I could say the same for northern Europe. I miss photographing plants lol.

Spring will come to your place sooner or later and you'll have plenty of plants around!
Thank you for stopping by @greddyforce :)