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I like once in a while to go for a photo walk with just one fixed lens, kind of an exercise and the 50mm is the most obvious choice. I remember the first year in the school of photography that we were even forbidden to use any other lens! It may sound extreme or even pointless but it was very helpful as we were trying to concentrate on the educational procedure. After all this years I still believe that this is the lens to learn photography with!

So here is what I have come up with, using a canon 6D mark II camera and a canon EF50 mm f/1.8 STM lens, mostly wide open!





From a wide landscape shot to the close up of a flower, I just love this tiny lens. Light as a feather but sharp and detailed, it really allows you to enjoy the shooting as an enthusiast amateur and the bokeh, well just adorable :)



The stray cats are always curious and studious, watching every move of mine, with great attention and concentration. Still, they haven't learn to use the camera yet. Thanks God for that :)


Flower pots, trees or even a parked trailer can be a wonderful subject for a keen photographer, especially if he is in the mood of his college years :)



And when I got out of the village into the fields of the countryside, the abundance of themes was even bigger! Herbs, weeds, wild flowers growing through stone walls, grapevines waiting for their winter pruning, everything looks like a photographer's playground!








Although I am not sure if I was more playful than this furry guy who definitely knows how to make the most out of each and every walk!

The last stop before heading back home , was of course at the spring for some fresh water :)

Have a lovely day!


All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

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Great shots! I like the shot of the pots and the last picture!


Thanks a lot, I like them too :)


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I'm not an expert in this photography thing but I can understand a little bit that almost any normal object can lead to be a great picture, everything is great, especially the last picture, it's fantastic!

Thank you very much @russellab17 I am glad you like them :)

Nice shot friend

Thanks :)

Awesome shots! And a doggie!

50mm lenses really are incredibly versatile. In the few cases where I like to do the same (the opportunities are few and far between anymore) I like to use a 35mm lens on a dslr with a cropped sensor; it roughly equivalates to 50mm. It definitely requires the photographer to move around and be a little more inventive.

Thanks a lot :)

Right, the 35mm on a cropped sensor is practically the same!

Nice shots. You always have really neat and interesting bokeh effects on your photos.

Thanks,I like bokeh :)

Yay for the 50mm lens! Way to highlight it and your town. It requires more moving on our part, that is some of the beauty of it too. Great post.

Thanks a lot!
I like that lens too :)