Yoshi loves relaxing under the mist

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Just chillin


One of Yoshi's favorite spots in his enclosure is to just hang out under the fogger. I wonder how good it feels on his skin to be under it. Chameleons don't drink from a water dish or anything like that, but instead, they like to lick up water droplets off of leaves.


Another way they drink is to do stuff like this because the way their heads are shaped, water droplets that form on their heads travel down into their mouths.


It also helps to keep his skin moist. I am sure it feels so good to him to be under the warm mist and have it flow over his body.


He usually does this a few times a day while he just looks around for movements and observes everything.


I had just put some more crickets in there for him before I took this shot and it looks like he sees his next snack.


So now he is going on the move to snatch up some food. Having a chameleon is pretty cool. It is a lot more work than I thought it would be, but it is a lot of fun.


I thought you were smoking out your new buddy! hahahaha

Nah, he is way too young to be doing any of those shenanigans.

Yoshi looks amazing. One gets the impression that he is under a Light shower.

I bet it felt so good on his skin too.

Great photos. Love chameleons. 😎

Thanks. They are very interesting.

So he had sort of a good shower :D
I wonder what you feed him o.O

I feed him crickets.


And how you catch these crickets o.O

I buy them every few days.

They also could be bought? :D

Chameleons are amazing! When we go to our local reptile shop I always hang around their enclosures. Last time they had a lot, very colorful ones, apparently rescues from FL ☹️.

Yoshi looks great, I bet he loves his fogger a lot.