Yoshi looks like something out of Night of the Living Dead

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So weird


This morning when I went in and checked on Yoshi, I noticed he was in the middle of shedding. It was weird because last night, I had no idea he was about to start shedding, then this morning his old skin was falling off like he was in a horror movie.


I tried to spray him a few times with some water to help moisten his skin, but he is not a big fan of getting sprayed and usually ends up trying to run away as fast as possible.


At least I know he really is growing now. I wonder if shedding affects their appetite as well, because yesterday, he didn't seem to try to eat much. Hopefully his appetite comes back now that he has a fresh shed and needs to fill in that new skin.


He still hasn't eaten of the larger crickets yet. Luckily the pet store will be open tomorrow so I can grab some new medium ones. It will be nice once he is able to eat the larger ones because it is hit and miss with getting decent sized medium crickets.


His new hanging feeder came in the mail yesterday, so I have been trying it out. It will be nice to have the crickets all in one area and not just climbing all over the walls. It is going to be nice to be able to keep a better track on how many he is eating and it will also help reduce the amount of crickets that somehow escape out of his enclosure.


The mesh on this thing makes it pretty easy for him to have a cricket buffet. The sides of the green part are supposed to be designed where they can't climb up it, but the larger crickets can easily jump out of it if they wanted to.


Chameleons shed a whole lot faster than snakes do. When we had a few snakes, it could take a couple days for the snakes to shed, but he was done in a couple hours. Now he has a fresh green coat on him. I bet it is a lot more comfortable now to have some fresh skin.


Now he doesn't look like he rushed out of the bathroom and has toilet paper hanging off of him. It is a good thing I was already aware of the fact that chameleons shed and what they look like when doing so, because I would have been scared if I wasn't expecting him to look like this.


Dang, Yoshi needs a facial and a spa day STAT! I like the idea of that handing feeder and keeping the crickets corralled, should make feeding much easier and efficient.

He spent a lot of the morning just chillin under his mist and now he is so fresh and so clean.


I didn't know they shed. happy he is ok

Ya, luckily I knew it because he was freaky looking.

What an awesome moment to capture! It sort of reminds me when caterpillars shed. They kind of just sit tight for a few hours without doing anything really and during this time they do not eat either.
I didn't know other reptiles shed in this way. I kind of imagined their old skin coming off in bigger, more complete chunks like when a snake sheds.
Maybe I'm thinking too hard about this but wouldn't misting Yoshi make the old skin stick to him more?
I'm glad this is something humans don't have to deal with, or at least not on this scale. Haha

All of his old skin is just chillin at the bottom of his enclosure now and he spent some time under his mist for a while. Hopefully he has a nice appetite for tomorrow when I get him some new crickets.

Who needs the Discovery Channel...that is super cool.

It is pretty cool to be able to see this stuff up close. Chameleons are pretty fascinating.

Pets are awsome.

Yoshi looks very cool. Hope your getting on well mate.

We have been good now that Covid is out of our home. I hope you and your family are doing well. These are crazy times.

Yes we are back in Australia. Covid getting a hold here now.

Such a wonderful and fascinating creature!!😍