Yoshi is the king of his jungle

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He is getting so big


Yoshi is growing like crazy and eating so many crickets each day. I need to get some more crickets tomorrow and I think I am going to go with the large crickets because the medium ones have been pretty small lately and every now and then I find one that got out of the cage and is jumping around in one of my weed tents.

I wonder if when Yoshi opens his mouth like this, if he is letting our a roar or some high pitched squeal that humans cant hear. There are so many noises that human ears cant perceive, it is crazy.


The top of his vine is probably his favorite place to chill and watch the room. Whenever I walk in the room, he always looks up at me and starts to move around.


I don't think I will ever get used how he can look in different directions. I wonder how his brain perceives the information that he sees because when I go cross eyed or something, things get all wonky looking.


Chameleons have crazy eye sight. They have a negative lens and a positive cornea, which acts like a magnifying glass so that they can be super accurate with their tongues when they are catching prey. They also have some of the best depth perception around, and that helps them to judge distance very accurately. You have to have some amazing depth perception to be able to calculate the speed and distance needed for shooting their tongues out and catching stuff.


I think that he is beginning to associate me with food now, which is good, because I eventually want to be able to feed him with tongs. When I come in the room, he moves down his vine and gets in place to start observing for movement in his cage.


I can't wait for him to get bigger. Once he is bigger, I can start to feed him some wax worms as a treat. I need to get him some fresh greens as well. I am not sure how to feed him the greens though because they don't eat from dishes, so I will need to do a bit more research into that.


I just ordered him a thicker vine and a feeding tube to hang off of it. The feeding tube has a spot to drop the crickets in and you can even put the vitamin powder in there to let the crickets jump around in and coat themselves. Hopefully it works good. It had good reviews.

It is nice to see Yoshi doing so well and getting stronger. Chameleons are really cool pets and are super fascinating. Thanks for stopping by and checking out pictures of my little homie.


They are so fascinating, yoshi is doing great 😊

He really is doing great right now. Hopefully it stays that way.

That he is looking in different directions is awesome and weird at the same time. I can understand that you feel like you are not getting used to it. :D

Ya, it is pretty weird that they can do that.

Great to hear the little fella is doing so well, the photos are great dude!

Got to love that fucker :D reptiles are amazing.