He loves his new vine

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Look at those eyes


A few days ago, I ordered a new vine for Yoshi and it was delivered today. The one that I had in there before was getting too small for him as he got bigger and I thought it was time to get him a nice thicker one that won't sag when he is full grown.


It looks like he is just laying there smiling like he had just won a prize or something and didn't want to let go of it.


This little guy has stolen our hearts and he sure is getting fun. He was devouring the medium crickets that I was getting for him, so I got him some large ones and tried to give them to him, but I think they are still a bit too big for him because he didn't even attempt to eat them.


This is such an adorable face. Chameleons are such fascinating little creatures. Thanks for coming along to see how Yoshi gets bigger.


Spectacular! I have always been fascinated with reptiles (well, all animals to be honest). I have never had any type of reptile as a pet before, which makes them particularly interesting. Is Yoshi the type that will grow horns?

They are fascinating creatures. Yoshi will not grow horns, but if he really is a male like I am thinking, he will grow a pretty large crown on the top of his head.

Ooo a crown! Make sure he is well nourished so it grows nice and prominent!

My general I didn't know Yoshi, I didn't have the slightest idea that you also had a pet chameleon, I was surprised. I honestly haven't had the opportunity to see one up close, it's very rare to see one in these parts. But what I do know is that they are incredible animals, in some documentaries I have seen the way they camouflage themselves in their habitat and simply get out of sight, I guess watching them eat must be something great too, just watching them stick out their tongue like a whip to catch their prey.

As always the images you share are too many good ones..... Now I'll try to keep an eye out for Yoshi a bit more =)

I got him a few weeks ago. It has been an adventure with him so far. I can't wait until he is larger.

I can only imagine and it must be very cool to experience that. When I was a kid I managed to raise an Iguana for a year, I had her since she was little. But after that time I had to let it go, I had it in a fish tank, but it grew so fast that it got to a point where it just didn't fit in it. It has been one of my most beautiful experiences with animals and it is always hard when you have to let them go =(

That is so cool. I have always been fascinated with reptiles. Iguanas are so cool.

I'm sure he captured your hearts by storm. Don't they all have personality? People tend to think animals are functional beings but they are like us. Each is different. How old do they get? Just asking cuz now Yoshi is all our, hmmmm, niece/nephew Hive chameleon we will see grow up lol.

They can be 5-7 years old and the males can grow up to 24 inches long. That was why I needed to get the thicker vine for him. He is going to get pretty big over the next few months.

Tell Yoshi 10 is minimum! He seems to have a decent environment so that may work wonders lol ;). Glad he lightens up your day in darker times.

Thank you

How adorable, looks like he is enjoying his new vine. 😊

Thank you.

Hy, amazing pics!

Thanks homie

Yoshi is a real photo model. Looks amazing and mysterious. Apparently the new vine became his favorite place. It is interesting to watch his life. Thank you:)