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These are the Falls of Athabasca river, Jasper National Park, Alberta. This place literally thunders with rushing water nearly year-round. January-February time frame however, they will be frozen over. I have never had the pleasure to visit in Wintertime, but definitely this would be a real treat. Only problem in Winter is the possibility of poor highway driving conditions. One storm and this place shuts down until plows do their work.



Camera: Sony A7R III
Lens: 24-105mm f4 G OSS
Editing: Lightroom & Camera+



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Falls indeed, you can feel the power in that water.

Kinda like this?

That's what I'm talkin' about. A bit a power there too. Nice hair. One might say coo.

What a rush that would be! I definitely wouldn't be doing it in the winter the way the weather can turn on a dime!

What a love set of shots!

Yeah, would be nice to hitch a ride with a helicopter! Thanks.

That much running water with so much power that your pics show...just seems like it could never freeze! BTW our lake finally froze 2 days ago in Michigan.

Must be mid-way through winter if it just froze. Back half of winter left.

I always find waterfalls fascinating; the sight and sound, the way the spray hits my face and the way the light hits the mist as it drifts upwards.

Becca 🌷

You look pensive in your picture Becca love.

Pensive, is a good way to describe that moment.

Becca 🌼

That is too bad you have to defend your intellect, just because of your beautiful blonde hair.

You clearly don't understand the meaning of the word pensive. It has nothing to do with intellect. You should look the word up sometime and learn what it means.

What a powerful rush! Hope your temps have gotten warmer. We are getting the polar vortex this weekend. 🥶

Buckle up and stay warm!

Ooooh feel the power. Waterfalls just exude power and great vibes. Must be something abiut the harmonics of water sounds that infuses the body and mind after all we are 80% liquid

That would make sense. Love the power.

Imthink thats also why we relax around water. I’m no expert but it makes sense to me

Bravo!!!... Once again, really majestic photos!!!!
Is a pleasure to llok a this!!!... Thanks for sharing @daveks friend...

!discovery 35


Thanks as always @jlinaresp

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This is really fascinating and beautiful

The force is amazing. Nice shots tho

I love nature and this photos is so good 🌸🌸🌸

Thanks for visiting, come again.