Sublime and Beautiful Sunday - Northern Lights

Last weekend I was in Abisko Lapland, in the very north of Sweden and I was super lucky to get good weather and to witness the coolest thing I’ve ever seen. I made a post not long ago about the northern lights but I’ve saved some of my favorite photos for #SublimeSunday and #BeautifulSunday which is initiated by @c0ff33a and @ace108.


Luckily I brought a tripod on my trip otherwise I wouldn’t have been able to capture the lights and not be able to pose in the picture with my wife. Most of the time I needed to have a shutter speed of 10 or more seconds so me and my wife had to try and stand as still as possible when we were posing.


The best place to view the northern lights in Abisko is by the lake which is called Torneträsk. It was a 7 minute walk from the hotel and when you arrived out on the lake the sky became clear with thousands of
Visible stars. There are also beautiful mountains circling around it making for a beautiful back drop.


After being on the ice for a bit I decided to also explore on land for a bit to try to get some cool subject matter in the front of the photo. I immediately felt that this building would be perfect. It looks very rustic and is painted in different colours. I think this building is used for winter storage of boats and different equipment people use when they go to the lake.


Now to the great finale. My favorite photo of all the ones I took on my trip. For me it looks like a majestic bird, kind of like a phoenix!
I haven’t used photoshop or anything to change it, and I feel very lucky to have captured the light at this exact moment. At this point the northern lights were right above us, which is very uncommon, and it was moving very fast. It was really one of the coolest things I have ever witnessed!

Wish you an awesome Sunday and thanks for stopping by !


I love the northern lights so much!!
Every time I see them, I feel privileged.

I haven't been up north for almost 15 years in the winter, but occasionally I am able to catch them from where I am situated too - just not as bright due to the light pollution.

Yea it's definitely awesome to catch it and it was my first time to see it!
I was surprised to learn from the guide that there is southern light as well which is called aurora australis.
In New Zealand and Australia (Tasmania) is possible to see it and Antarctica as well but that’s a bit far off hehe.

I reckon it is pretty rare, even in Tasmania, but I have heard of people seeing it. NZ south Island might be okay :)

Originally I just had northern lights on my bucket list, but I might add southern lights as well so I will make sure to travel to Australia and New Zealand again.

This is so cool! Dan!! I have seen them twice! Once in Iceland! Once in Finland and I dont think i will ever tire of it.
You even told me and I forgot to check it out! Outstanding!! Ready to go again??

I feel kind of hooked now and I would love to see it again. Next time I would like to see it in Norway, the nature there is just stunning and if I don’t get to see it I still get to enjoy the beautiful landscape.

Wow that’s cool, Iceland is definitely a place I would love to go to as well ! Also beautiful landscapes over there !

I just heard that recently the Northern Lights went all the way south to Vaxjo. I hope that when i come back it will make a southernly turn if i can't head up north to catch it! Thanks for sharing

Yea it’s crazy ! Even some people in Blekinge (province next to Skåne) karlskrona (city) photographed it. That is really unusual and I haven’t even heard of anyone seeing it that south. However when you do see it this south it’s usually just above the horizon line.

The sun is usually just above the horizon line too! hahahha j/k (kinda) My girl told me about it and was sad she missed it but she joined a group on Facebook to get updates so she can catch it the next time it occurs. Thanks for the response.

Your girlfriend lives in Sweden ? I was wondering how you could be so up to date when many Swedes don't even know it happened hehe.

Yes, my lady is in Vaxjo. I was there for two years and off and on a few more times for the 3 month increments. I wish it was easier to immigrate there. Unfortunately, if i was from a 3rd world country then i could have been there a long time ago. She has been wanting to know where you live.. and i have been forgetting to ask.

Don’t even get me started. I have heard the same as what you say and it just makes me flabbergasted. Our politicians in Sweden are ruining the country. They are extremely naiv and stupid. If you want to help people coming here just letting them inside the boarders is not enough.

As for people that come here to study and that want to integrate they should make the immigration process much more simple.

I live close to Älmhult which is about 40 minute car ride from Växjö. I used go live in Växjö and i like the city, But my job is in Älmhult. You should let me know if you ever come to Växjö and i’LL buy you a Beer !

Yes, it can be a bureaucratic nightmare to immigrate there unless you have a whole lot of money or are a refugee. I wonder if i can be a refugee from Joe Biden!? hahaha

We are waiting for the covid scare to pass before coming back. So, perhaps in a few months if people quit freaking out over Omicron. I will definitely let you know when i get there and we can have a Fika and some beers! hahaha

Take Care Dan! =)

This is fantastic. I thought most people have to go Iceland to see this.

I knew you could see it in the north of Sweden before but I didn’t know you could also see it in a lot of other places, just as long as you are within the northern polar circle. I would like to see them in Norway as well as the landscape over there is just stunning !

Lucky you! I have always wanted to see the northern lights but have never had the privilege. I like in Minnesota but probably not far enough north.

I love your phoenix. I can see why that is your grand finale!

Yea I think you have to head to the northern parts of Canada to have a better chance of seeing it. But it does occasionally happen that we get to enjoy it in the south part of Sweden but it tends to be rare.
Yea the phoenix was really cool, I’m so happy I captured that !

Thanks for stopping by :)

in some week I'm heading to north of Finland and I wonder is there going to be any chances to catch such magnificence view?

It is very, very likely. Pretty much anywhere past Rovaniemi and you are all good, as they are seen for something like 200 nights of the year - the other nights... the sun is still up ;D

I definitely think so . In north of Norway, Sweden and Finland you can see it because your within the north polar circle. Recently people have seen northern lights all the way down in south of Sweden because there is a lot of solar activity and will only increase till it reaches a peak in 2024. But there are three factors that are necessary to see it. It needs to be dark, so it's good during this time of the year, there has to be solar winds, and last but not least it has to be clear skies otherwise the view will be blocked.

Northern lights are so beautiful. Haven't seen them live yet but experiencing some is high on my bucket list!

To be honest I didn't even know much about northern lights until my wife proposed we'd go and see them. But after I started reading about it and watching photos from different places I was hooked and knew I needed to see it. I was very lucky though to see it so strongly and vividly. Pretty much since I left it's been snowing up there, which means clouds, which ultimately means you might not see it.

Abisko where I went is supposed to be one of the best places in the world to see it because it almost has like a micro climate and they call it a blue hole where the mountains around the lake seemingly tends to deflect the clouds somehow and keep the view clear.

Yes that is a huge thing, if you book a travel to see them it is always a gamble if you really experience some. Would be quite sad if you do such a trip especially to see some and are unlucky. Was thinking more along the lines to make vacations in regions where they can happen and if we are lucky so be it. Many placed that are potentially beautiful even if you don't get lights!

I think that’s an excellent idea. I mean there’s a lot to see besides the northern lights. With this plan you might want to go to these places a bit later like in February or so where they there is more daylight, but still dark in the evening !

I prefer to visit places in the dark since I am a lightpainting artist. It is more a balance between daylight hours and freezing 😄

Then this time of year would be perfect !

Ahhhh soooo beautiful... wished I could see them in person one day soon! 😁

Yea it’s a blessing to get to see it and I can strongly recommend it !

Incredible view ❤️ I love the color of the aurora!

Thanks ! Nature is the best painter 👩‍🎨

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