ICEHOTEL- Sweden- Part 2


Yesterday I introduced the first section of the Icehotel,the section with the standard rooms and the wedding hall. Today it’s time for part two where you will see ice sculptures made from artists around the world. Each room is unique and has its own design, it was much cooler than I could have anticipated and each room also had its own music that was connected to its theme.


Here is the entrance of this section, not as cool as the first section but I know not to judge the book by its cover. But before walking in I first wanted to check what I could see if I ascended those stairs.


If you’re wondering I did use the slide on my way down, it was freaking awesome haha. Anyways as I walked up I got a good viewpoint over the Torne river which is the place they get the ice to build the whole thing.


I choose to capture the view using panorama . To the left you can see the back exit of the ice hotel and then you can see the river along side the mountains snaking its way through the landscape.

Alright it’s time to go in it was minus 25 outside (Celsius). Minus five inside without wind actually felt warm. And considering the bar was in the entrance hall I knew what could cure the cold.


Yea you’re right I’m talking about liquor!


I’m not sure exactly what I ordered, but I didn’t really care all I could focus on where those cool glasses made of ice.


Alright time to finish this bad boy and get on with the show. Cheers or like we say in Sweden Cheers !


Alright time to enter the first room which so happened to be one of my favorites! Quite simple design but really awesome. The mountain goat was standing on top of the mountain looked really powerful.



The next room was also cool. I especially like the blue shaded color. Makes it look cozy.




The next room is a bit more artsy, I think I would be scared sleeping in this room.




The next room had some awesome details I really loved this one as well.









Okay this last one was a little bit creepy, but still pretty darn amazing.
Well I could go on and show more photos but it’s getting late here and plus I just found the new bond movie for rent so time to get comfy in the sofa. I might make a part 3, we’ll have to see, but there are some other rooms that are also really cool.

Alright bye for now and thanks for stopping by :)


Skål hahaha That place looks even more cool with all this art. I really like the color they put in the lighting to go with the sculptures of the art or the beds etc. Thanks for this awesome part 2.

It’s my pleasure ! Yea they really put a lot of time and effort in to their designs. Would be cool to see the background work leading up to these artworks !

Right! I feel like that place deserves an interesting documentary. =)

Very cool series of the Ice hotel. Thanks for sharing! Looking forward to part3! ;-)

Thanks man and thanks for stopping by !