Sweet 16 Photography Event


A couple of months ago before I left I told you I’d share some photos of the Sweet 16 birthday party we did.

I’m ready to deliver. 😎

Although I’ve done a Sweet 16 photoshoot before this was my first event of the celebration. It was such a great turnout and I had so much fun taking shots of the birthday girl, the decorations and all of the colorful moments with family and friends in between.

One of my goals with this event was to capture candid moments. I think those moments when it’s not a 1,2,3 say cheese type of deal are the ones that make the most natural, fun and intimate looking shots. Those are the moments people remember most.

In short, I’m focusing on authentic opposed to staged. You’ll see a few of both in this post because of course I still took some posed portraits. In my opinion it’s good to have a variety of both.

I was excited when my friend @wifemomlife asked me to be the photographer for her daughter’s special occasion. You’ve met her before but she hasn’t been able to Hive for awhile. I’m hoping one day soon she’ll have the extra time to get back on.

Before the event we went over the important segments that I needed to make sure I got. One of the nerve wrecking things I go through as a photographer is fear of missing one of those special moments.

FOMOne 🫣

There have been times I’ve had camera issues when I needed it to work the most. I managed to get the shots but some were blurred and not well focused because my camera was busy. When your DSLR flashes that it’s busy that means a slow down for you and that can be very frustrating when you’re working to capture a particular moment. 😓😬

Thankfully for this event I got most of the shots she wanted. Unfortunately I wasn’t able to get a sibling shot with the birthday girl in them because at the time she didn’t want to be seen when guest were arriving. I wish I would have gathered them up sooner but there were some setbacks with setup and the family was working hard to get the space just right.

I also didn’t get the best family shot because by the time everyone was able to get together the sun had went down and I had to use my flash…ugh 😑. It’s all good because we are going to do a make up session for their family and get everyone in there.


I’ll start with the birthday girl.

She made my job so easy because she is so photogenic and has the most gorgeous smile. For every photo I edited them making sure to bring out the colors in her dress.

We started the process outdoors where we had plenty of natural sunlight. The party was inside a clubhouse located on a beautiful golf course. I took this shot first because I wanted to get her dress in full length against that beautiful landscape.


She designed this dress and it was sewn by her cousin.

I am still playing around with camera angles and trying not to do just straight up and down or side to side shots. I was pleased with the turn out.

I wanted to be sure to have some up close shots of her face. We went to a shaded spot on the side of the building where the sun was beaming in through the trees just a little. Here’s the result.


Her boyfriend arrived shortly after these shots so I’ll show you those as well. I picked the two I felt came out the best.

You’ll see from the bottom of the photos how bright the sun was so we were playing let’s find shade from the sun game lol. We have yet to get the equipment we need to block out bright light to help dim the photos. I still like how it turned out.


This next shot is her favorite one of them together. It’s my favorite because it was a candid moment when they were naturally laughing and playing around. Told ya they make the best ones 😁.


I’ll show you a few more solo ones of the birthday girl from inside the event.

For this pic I intentionally blurred her a bit to put emphasis and focus on the 16. I love how straight and tall she stood there excited to represent her number. This number display was one of my favorite decor pieces which is why it landed a spot on my cover page. 😄


I thought a good shot of her would be holding one of her cupcakes with the number on it. I spotted her about to eat it and then stopped her to first take this photo lol. She was happy to pose with it.


Another goal of mine when doing events is to always be aware of my subject. I keep an eye on out and somewhat follow them in order to grab any moments I think would look good.

In this case there was a moment she took a break from everything and began writing something. Since I was keeping tabs on her I was able to get this candid moment which I love.

Yea, call me the stalker photographer.


This last solo shot was during a special segment of her party. Every candle she lit represented someone special to her. She lit the candles and gave a brief explanation of why this person is important in her life and what they have done to earn that special place. It was really sweet and such a loved moment by everyone.


Let’s look at some of the family images.

Big bros…


Little bros…


Believe me when I say this was the best out of many 😂. These little guys were not making it easy on me. Thankfully their big sis was out there helping me to get them to stand still. This wasn’t meant to be a candid moment hahaha.

Sister moments to cherish…



Mother and daughter…


There’s nothing like an image of a mother helping her daughter. I thought it was special seeing her fixing the dress during the event. 🤗

No matter what age we turn a mother’s love and care are always needed.


Finally I’ll show you stills of the treats and decor.



On all of the tables you’d find photos of the birthday girl when she was younger. I loved how they set this up so I went around snapping each one. This one with one of her younger sisters was my favorite…


Treat time 😋




Thats a wrap!!

Thanks for sticking with me all the way. I hope you enjoyed this glimpse of the event.

I am happy to report that the family was very pleased with their photos. Her daughter told me personally how much she loved them. It makes me feel good when I know our clients are pleased.

I am grateful to my husband for helping me stay on task and not miss any of those segments. He was helping with some technical stuff but made time to check on me to see if I needed any assistance. I love it when we do events together as a team.

The next event you’ll see is of a business seminar we did a few months back. It was our first one and turned out to be another successful event. I hope to see you back here 😉.

Thanks for Viewing My Work ~ ❤️



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Lovely shots. I loved the one of the BD girl hugging her mother. That smile says it all.

Thanks @sofs-su! I really liked that one too. There's something special about a mother and daughter showing each other love ~ 😊

You really did a great job with the lovely photos taken. I love the smile of the celebrant all through the photos and my favourite is the pics with her boyfriend in the black and white photo very nice with both having a beautiful smile. It photos are nice @crosheille and keep up the good work progressing.

Thank you! Her smile is so contagious. I really enjoyed doing these.

Thanks for checking them out ~

It's a pleasure

Here is the promised event finally 🥰. I remember you mentioned this event before your break but promised to keep us updated when you return 😉

Wow... what a unique event. Whoever was the event planner nailed it here. Every deco looks so striking 😍.... sweet sixteen indeed...her smiles in all the shots are contagious 🥰😂. I am literally smiling while viewing her poses..lolz

That shot where you stalked the celebrant got me smiling... yeah, you are indeed the stalker photographer 😂😂

@crosheille you are too good at this skill 👏👍👌👌. I see only an excellent job here. Your hubby is super supportive too and I like that.

Nice work 👌
Thanks for sharing 👍🥰👏

I agree about the decor, they nailed it!!

Yes, she has such a beautiful smile. She was so excited about her day. 😊

Thanks so much for the compliments of my work ~ 🤗

Hi @crosheille, the photos are very beautiful, the girl looks very pretty in her dress,you managed to capture beautiful moments, my favorite when the mom fixes her dress; it takes a lot of skill and concentration to get the perfect photo at the perfect moment.


Awww thanks so much! So glad you liked the shots ~

what a lovely shots! the celebrant looks spenldid! happy birthday to her nad congratulations for being chosen to be the photographer of her big day

Thank you!! I was thrilled to be chosen for the job ~ ☺️

Thanks for the visit and comment!

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Oh my! You need to see me blushing while viewing these pictures. So beautiful and clean. The birthday girl really came out beautiful. Her dress is lovely too.

At 16 her boyfriend is allowed to come home? Wow. I dare not at that age. Even as an adult, I was so scared to bring my boyfriend home. Until I was ready for marriage. I think this is just culture otherwise I think it is okay to know who is in your children's lives.

Back to the pictures, you did an outstanding job. I so love them all. Well done @crosheille and welcome back once again.

Thank you Joy! So glad you liked the photos.

Lol! Yes, it is a culture thing as well as a family's preference. I think it's important to be involved with your child's development as they journey through these types of relationships. I love that the parents are well aware and are involved. I know this mama personally and she is raising her children on Christian standards so there are rules and limitations.

It’s kind of how we plan to do with our kiddos. When they start courting we plan to let them invite that person to be present at family dinners, movie outings etc. We will be very involved and keep a close watch on things getting to know this person as much as they do lol.

Wow these shoot are just excellent, you did an excellent job taking all these mind-blowing photos and I must say that I also love the black and white one where they were smiling natural too.

Everything is top-notch including the decorations and family.
I wish her a happy birthday and many more years to celebrate.

Thank you kindly!! Yes, I think that’s one of my favs for sure. So glad you enjoyed the photos. ☺️

I appreciate the visit ~