Stunning Storm On The Horizon.

Hey everyone I haven't posted for a while, today nature made for the perfect oil painting that I just had to capture and post. We really have some incredible wildlife in South Africa.


Hows that backdrop and cloud formation?



The golf wasn't bad too I shot a respectable medal 89.


Tame Nyala checking out the scenery and having a graze on the way out.


Nature the incredible.

I trust you have a wonderful Thursday.
Love, light and blessings.


Weather has been crazy of late, brilliant skies down here as well some great captures, dead tree an intriguing focal point, perhaps hit by lightning sometime in it's lifetime.


Thanks a mil my friend. Are you well ??

As well as the next South African, making ends meet and hoping for a better tomorrow that may never come 😇such is life.

That storm looks really masive and intimidating , i wonder if it rained a lot??

Nature for sure is incredible!

10 drops only.. Crazy right?