Play of lights in nature

We are now close to Christmas and in this period the cities are transformed, the Christmas lights decorate every street corner, creating that typical magic of the period. Nothing is more beautiful, however, than seeing nature illuminated with special lights, a project that accompanies the visitor in discovering routes made certainly more interesting by light tubes even tens of meters long.



Visiting the park at night is truly enchanting, trees of light that remind me of the great tree of life in Avatar, colored bulbs forming a network of light in which to be wonderfully captivating, expanses of luminous rows on the lawn forming luminous channels that they draw perfect lines on the ground.




Despite the cold of these days, the soul seems to be warmed by the light of the bulbs: we find ourselves wandering around the various installations with an expression mixed between wonder and joy, a small paradise for those who love to be amazed with little.

Furthermore, this event has not recurred for at least 4 years: the pandemic and then last year's energy crisis, the worst finally seems to be over, or at least there are the conditions for not giving up on it this year. Here there are many children running from one installation to another, amazed by the play of light and stillness as they admire the optical effects.



A free event that will entertain children and adults throughout the Christmas period, the event has already been a great success and will continue to attract curious people and lovers in the coming weeks, close to the holidays. Light and Shadows is the most beautiful game.


Wow really amazing lighting decorated. 👌

How great that this ambient lighting event has returned after the pandemic, dear friend @claudio83. I'm not surprised that the children are running from one place to another seeing this beautiful decoration.
I am also fascinated by nature, much more when I see it illuminated from its roots to the top.
Beautiful night photographs, I really appreciate that you let us know about this experience.
Have a great day

Wow! The light decorations is really out of this world. So beautiful! The children will definitely be entertained from this event. Thank you for sharing this experience with us. It is really amazing

Yay! 🤗
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With such beautiful lighting, these views become more beautiful and one is more happy and enjoying more by visiting such places.