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~ Autumn Adventure ~

We will pick up where we left off in my last post Show & Tell. We were really just getting started to share the images taken from the walk a couple of days ago. But before we begin, i wanted to say thank you for all the well-wishes about my health and having just recovered from a few weeks of covid. Thank you.

DSCN0045 (2).JPG

I didn't capture these first 3 shots as well as i would have liked. The sun was beaming down just on this cluster of shrooms. I couldn't get the settings right enough before i had to run and catch up (like usual)! There were snail slime trails all over these things. I could tell some slugs had been feasting!

DSCN0046 (2).JPG

Overall, even with some minor adjustments in the editing these shots were too washed out in my opinion. But, the specimens were too cool to pass up sharing.

DSCN0047 (2).JPG

Then i came across this corpse of a fruiting body and now i know why. You can definitely see the glittering and translucent snail/slug trails.

DSCN0053 (2).JPG

I didn't capture the trails in all their beautiful splendor but it wasn't for a lack of trying. Either way, you can tell there was definitely some munching going on recently.


~ Shedding Some Light ~

One of the great fundamental tips in photography, and in battle, is to shoot with the sun, or light-source, at your back. This way you get the fully illuminated subject matter in your frame and/or you don't have the light negatively affecting your lens and photos.

However, i did the opposite this day. In some shots like the ones above so far... it didn't always work out in my favor. But for other shots, like the ones in my last post and the photos you will see below... it worked quite well.

DSCN0054 (2).JPG

They usually say you have to know the rules before you can break them properly! hahaha You will see some more with this approach in the lighting later on. Since there was so much of a canopy on our walk i decided to look for where the light dappled through and to try and shoot only in those illuminated spots. This made for some excellent contrasts.

DSCN0055 (2).JPG

The next photo isn't my favorite shot but i wanted to get the mushroom at the top in frame with the leaf at the bottom that was almost the exact same color. These mushrooms usually stick out because of their creamy white color.

DSCN0056 (2).JPG

But apparently this time of year they blend right in with some of the more aged fallen leaves. As the leaves decentigrate and lose even more of their color... this pale cream color matches right up with the fungus.

DSCN0057 (2).JPG

DSCN0058 (2).JPG

To an unsuspecting eye or just from a peripheal glance, this mushroom would be assumed as just another of the fallen leaves. It would have been super easy to miss this but i'm glad i didn't.

I have often wondered how a mushroom could mirror a particular kind of leaf as camoflauge when it has no eyes or way of percieving color, as far as i am aware. I have felt and thought the same about plants as well.

It makes sense that an animal or insect would see something in their environment and then adapt over time to have a great chance of successfully surviving. Many insects mimic other animals and plants to adapt to their environments... but i'm always fascinated when it happens in reverse.

Hidden In Plain Sight

Plants don't have eyes and can't see, so how would it know to mimic a color of an animal or insect? How could a mushroom know which leaf to look like compared to the others to know which one to successfully emulate? I guess it's kind of like the chicken or the egg question.

DSCN0063 (2).JPG

I found many feathers on this walk. So, eventually, i started to shoot them too. I used to collect all the good feathers a came upon. Since i never figured out what to do with them i quit that a while ago. I did carve a few into some quill pens. That was cool. I posted about it a few years ago here on the chain.

~ The Nature of Things ~

This time of year is usually my favorite. The Fall feelings when the change comes is something that takes me all the way back to childhood. The warm tones when the leaves turn, the cooler breeze that distinctly ushers in the season, and the slow descent into Winter all give me a sense of nostalgia. The fact it happens every year is pretty amazing.

DSCN0064 (2).JPG

I wouldn't call it the opposite of Spring but more or less the climax of it. To see how things transition in nature is a beautiful thing to be aware of and it's helped me to more fully appreciate it as i get older. How many more Fall season will i have the pleasure to experience? Not enough is the only answer i know to be true!

DSCN0067 (2).JPG

These little slime-ball mushrooms are usually some of my favorite to look at but i find their beauty to be extremely difficult to capture and share. I can never seem to get the glistening as well as i would like.

DSCN0070 (2).JPG

Sometimes, when i see a really cool photo opportunity with interesting mushrooms, i spend a lot of time to try and capture the first ones i see. You never know if you will see any more once you move on. I find it funny when i see a zillion more after spending so much time on a lesser specimen. But, better to be safe than sorry.

DSCN0071 (2).JPG

I spent a lot of time to get those images above to find a fallen tree a short distance away that had a whole colony of these slime-ball shrooms!

DSCN0072 (2).JPG

To be honest, i could have shot these slime-balls for a much longer time... but alas, i was far behind once again! hahaha

DSCN0073 (2).JPG

Catch UP!

I think it was at this point in the walk where i really began to get the settings correct on my camera for each circumstance. I can tell i am a bit rusty in that department. It's not always my crappy camera's fault.

DSCN0074 (2).JPG

Sometimes, it can take a while to get back into the nature of things when you are out of touch with it. I am just thankful for an endless pleathora of beauty and opportunity here in nature.

DSCN0075 (2).JPG

The contrast of the leaves filtering the beaming sunlight compared to the deep and rich green of the moss made for some spectacular Fall shots, in my humble opinion.

DSCN0077 (2).JPG

DSCN0078 (2).JPG

~ Moss is Still Boss ~

I mentioned about the moss and about one of my favorite action figures growing up in my last post. Most of my better moss shots are in that post but once again here is Mossman, a villian from He-Man, down below.

Moss Man

And to my surprise we had a MossMan sighting on our walk! hahaha
Actually, i see MossMan but some may see an Orangutan or Bigfoot in the moss below.

DSCN0079 (2).JPG

Harry, meet MossMan


It wasn't that windy... but feathers can be tricky to shoot.

DSCN0081 (2).JPG

The kind of mushroom you see below always reminds me of leather! I love the rich brown tones and the sleek look the cap has. I would love to make a wallet of the cap skin... if only it was durable enough. hahaha

DSCN0083 (2).JPG

This little feather had a nice ambient blueish cast to it's white that i thought gave it a very soft and delicate look.

DSCN0084 (2).JPG

~ Far From The Tree ~

One thing that i absolutely love about Sweden here is the abundance of fruit trees. There are many wild apple and cherry trees around here. I love walking by and seeing apples growing in the trees. As it turns out, on the home stretch coming back, we have quite a few apple trees along the way.

DSCN0086 (2).JPG

It was my pleasure to capture some of the beauty of these fruits and share it with you all. I have never seen such beautiful apples in nature before. Usually, they are just in stacks at the grocery stores when i see apples.

DSCN0087 (2).JPG

I've always heard you never eat an apple (or fruit in general) that has fallen to the ground. I wasn't really concerned about eating or tasting these fruits so much as i was with trying to get a few decent shots.

DSCN0088 (3).JPG

They always say The Apple Doesn't Fall Too Far From The Tree. Now, i have seen that first-hand... even if there were a few scragglers!

DSCN0089 (2).JPG

I could have stayed and taken many more shots of these fallen apples. Many if not most of the grounded ones were rotting and that would have been some fun stuff to snap.

DSCN0090 (2).JPG

However, i was short on time at this juncture and needed to keep pace.


~ Flower Town ~

Well, it's not really a town but close by there is a little community of small plots. This little community has these tiny houses that nobody lives in on these tiny plots of land and it's basically just for gardening.

Each of these tiny Swedish properties have a proper Swedish garden with all kinds of flowers and fruits and vegetables growing. I will have to make a post just about that place... but for now, here are some shots from there as i passed through.

DSCN0092 (2).JPG

DSCN0093 (2).JPG

I found this cool looking apple in one of the trees close to the fence of one of the properties. I never encrouch on anyone's property but i will shoot from the public areas and this strangely shaped apple caught my eye.

DSCN0094 (2).JPG

This apple was more of a peach color, which caught my eye and the shape did too because it's almost like a box. It was taller than it was wide... but i don't know how it will end up looking once it finishes growing.

DSCN0095 (2).JPG

DSCN0096 (2).JPG

DSCN0097 (2).JPG

I don't remember seeing a tree near this fallen apple.

DSCN0099 (2).JPG

Then there were these cool tomato plants growing on one person's entrance. I tried to get a couple of shots of the color changing. They reminded me of mini watermelons.

DSCN0100 (2).JPG

I love the background in this next shot very much.

DSCN0101 (2).JPG

These red leaves are one of prettier early color changers for plants.

DSCN0102 (2).JPG

I have no idea what this next one is flower wise... but i love this next shot!

DSCN0103 (2).JPG

I found some more apple trees!

DSCN0104 (2).JPG

Not the best shots but i think it's cool to see the apples still hanging tough. I saw one extremely healthy tree that had the most red apples of all... but it was in someone's backyard and too far away to spend time trying to capture.

DSCN0105 (2).JPG

Then, in the grass i saw these little dudes. They looked like tiny tomatos. I think they may have been berries that fell out of a tree... but it looked like it was growing out of the grass. I usually try not to distrub the subjects of my shots. So, i didn't give it a tug to find out... i just let it be.

DSCN0106 (2).JPG

Since this post is getting quite long and i have quite a few more images to share i guess i will end this post in Flower Town. I promise i won't be so long winded in the next and last post of this walk.

I do appreciate you all stopping by to check out my photos and i also appreciate those that read the post and take the time to comment. I would always love to know which shot or shots you like the most.

I hope you all are having an awesome weekend. Thanks again and take care. See ya next time! Cheers

Thanks For Joining Me Today


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Hello Cas! What a post! hahaha I almost feel like I was taking a walk myself too! From the mushrooms, how cool are they! I was laughing when you said that sometimes you don't feel like you were able to capture the sparkle of the slime mushrooms, I think it's happened to all of us, camera in hand, at one time or many times!😝
It has occurred to me that I portray a lot, a little flower that I saw that I thought was beautiful and peculiar and when I walked two steps, a field of them bigger, better illuminated …. 🙃
I think my favorite image of all is the one of the raised leaf that filters the sun. I love the light in that image and the sense of peace it brings.
Here in Cuba, they say we live in an eternal summer, so we don't have the opportunity to enjoy the changing seasons. 😂
I'll stay without mentioning things that caught my attention so as not to make a post of your post, but it's really very entertaining to read.

Thanks my friend! I'm so glad you mentioned that because i edit and share my images in sequential order. I do that so it will give the sense of experiencing the walk with me. I was going to mention that in the post as i have in the past.. but forgot. So, thanks for sharing that my approach to format is successful.

Sometimes, i think it might be better looking to just group similar photos together and theme it up like that... but not all my shots are great and i like to show that warming up process too.

I'm so glad to read your response to some of the vibes i shared in word and image. It makes me happy to know you read and looked at the post as thoroughly as you did. Thanks for your time and eternal Summer isn't so bad once you get in the heart of a Swedish Winter! hahaha

Have a great weekend and i am sure to see you around. Cheers!'re welcome! It was really fun to read. What you tell me about grouping the photos, I prefer it the way you are doing it now. It's more realistic, and the anticipation of what you found next works perfectly. Great job! 🤗


I really don't know which part I enjoyed more in this post dear castle if it was the fungi or the flowers.
The fungi; you made me think a lot about how they do to camouflage themselves, some kind of genetic information they must collect from the soil maybe . It is beautiful to have learned that today with your photographs. I learned that you have to look twice to appreciate the beauty of a mushroom.
About the flowers; stunned with those lights bouncing off those beautiful sunflowers, very majestic.
And the red apples so juicy that looking at the photo you can feel inside.

👏 Beautiful, congratulations on those shots.

Variety can be the spice of life. It's nice to have the flowers and fungi to appreciate. It's fun to share the beauty with others as well. We don't have this kind of stuff where i come from so it's all very new and fresh with me. Happy you shared your shots in your last post too. Keep up the great work and have an awesome weekend. I'm sure i will see you around. Cheers!

Thanks again for sharing your amazing photos. Let's keep showing the variety of nature in our places. We are seeing it

So, one of my favorites is the second photo. The mushroom in the shadow. Also the white-purple flower in the darkish background.

And I like this as well.

I love how you describe pretty much every photo. I usually do the same.

And last, I have to subscribe to this!, which is my favorite part.

This time of year is usually my favorite. The Fall feelings when the change comes is something that takes me all the way back to childhood. The warm tones when the leaves turn, the cooler breeze that distinctly ushers in the season, and the slow descent into Winter all give me a sense of nostalgia. The fact it happens every year is pretty amazing.

I definitely couldnt say it better. But thats the same for me. This period of time is my favorite and always brings nostalgia to the old times and childhood all together. I love the warmth of this month, I love the air, I love the colors. I love everything. September is my favorite month of the year!

I was actually impressed with my wordsmithing when i wrote those lines. They flowed naturally... which is rare for me. hahaha Thank you for your thoughtful comments. I liked all the photos you did as well. It's interesting how everyone sees things just a bit differently... and i like that. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment and consider my post.

Completely understand! I'm pretty much the same, thats the reason I dont do posts on writting side. Its hard even to post in the weekend community. 😄
I'm more on the formal side, not really a writter myself. But I do have moments wheb I have some nice thoughts to put down but it happens all the time not to have a phone or something to write those down. Every time, really!

My pleasure to read, it was nice catching up with what you did lately...

So yeah...have a blessed time!

Hugs from Romania

Looks like someone took "getting back into posting more often seriously":))
The slimy mushrooms are too cool, especially in the last two shots on the tree, really liked those ones! And the flowers again, the little white ones... the atmosphere and the light through all the photos really captures the feeling of the autumn walk, through the warm light and chilly shaded places, very lovely to follow. Especially where I am we have some more rainy-autumn-vibes at the moment, so it is nice to see a bit of a change:) (even though rainy can be pretty awesome too)
I guess I ll go for a walk now, just got the inspiration for it:)
Have a good Sunday!!

I did take it seriously and i still have one last one to go. hahaha One walk, over 100 photos, and three posts. It was more to share than i realized... unless folks wanted a neverending post! hahaha

So glad to hear you were inspired to go take a walk from the post. I love the rainy weather... but it can get old getting stuck inside for too long. Winter here is brutal so i need to get out a bit more while i still can (without freezing). Thanks for stopping by and some of my favorites were the slime-ball mushrooms too! Thanks also for mentioning the lighting translating the Fall affect. That's what i was hoping for to be honest. Take care and enjoy the rest of your Sunday evening. Cheers!

How long did you walk?:)) I am curious what other species youll reveal in the last one then!

I wasn't paying attention to the time... but i think it went on for about 2 and a half hours or so. Making the last post now! hahah

I thought it was my imagination, when i noticed your absence... I'm glad you are well now. I also caught the virus in July or August, i don't even remember hahaha. I didn't even go to the doctor, i guess since i have like 3 vaccinations, it wasn't that serious or is it that i'm a little weird?🙃

What a spectacular nature you have there... those mushrooms are like from fairy tales, i love those ones that look like little shiny onions... i was wondering where is that? Until i read Sweden. For some strange reason I thought you were from USA or something...never mind. Since i was a child i have an addiction for the Scandinavian countries and also those of Celtic origin for their nature and that incredible green they have, it's amazing. Also for literature, mythology and poetry is very beautiful. And not to mention the metal bands... but that's another subject. I wish i had a place near my house where i could find apples hahaha, how beautiful and delicious they look, even the rotten ones... In my country they are very expensive, where i live when it's season, you can find mango trees everywhere. I will wait for that flower town post.

By the way, i love feathers, i have left a little my addiction to them. Before, feather i saw, feather i took home, even people who know me brought me feathers. They are very magical, all nature has its special magic and energy.

Ok, I better leave it here, I've already gone too far hahaha. This looks like a post. I will share this post with a friend who loves mushrooms.

Have a great day.Thank you for sharing those beautiful pics. Greetings from the land of infernal heat!😁

I think you should get one of these devices for the mushrooms to solve all your doubts... I need one too.

That device is super trippy and cool. I will have to look more into that.

Yes, i am from Texas but i am currently in Sweden so you weren't wrong there.
The nature here is pretty magical like the kind from fairy tales. We don't have this kind of stuff back home. So, i feel the same about it all as you described.

I didn't get the vaccines but i don't think it would have helped at all either to be honest. But, you know what they say... an apple a day keeps the doctor away. Maybe i just need to eat more apples. hahaha It's strange though because most apples don't taste good. If you study a little about apple trees and how they grow it's pretty fascinating. Sorry it took me so long to respond but i did truly appreciate and value your comment and feedback. Thanks for stopping by and for such an awesome response. Cheers!

Each shot is fantastic. I wish there was way to highlight/reward each individual elements of a post. While I enjoyed all snapshots, I particularly liked the slimy mushrooms. They're wild in more ways than one. Nicely done!

That's a fascinating idea! Rewarding different parts of the post. I'm glad you enjoyed the photos and the slimy ones are fun to look at!

Trippy hands! 🖐🖐🖐

Autumn when the vegetation prepares to go dormant for several months. It also offers the latest fruits, the apple, which looks delicious. Your photos are beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us.

You are welcome. I appreciate you and it's good to see you more lately.

thank you

Checking out your shot and the pictures I realised I still have a lot to learn in photography because I can't really work or snap with sunlight, and also the right position to be when taking those shots, the first picture is really nice and cool especially the Shadow and ray of light that made it more attractive. Thanks for sharing and I have learnt some things also

I'm glad you learned something and hopefully feel inspired to try harder to get better shots. Practice makes perfect! Thanks for stopping by and taking time to comment. Cheers

Yes you said it all practice make perfect so I'll just continue practicing it, till I become good at it

Autumn 🍂 season is beautiful 😍nice shots


I love red apples.
It's really delicious. Thank you for the beautiful photos you shared

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Thanks. Would you care to give me any tips or tell me which ones you mean and how i can improve. I would be curious to get your professional opinion.

Thanks for your response. I kind of like how the shadow in the image below accentuates the weird shape of the apple and that textured bump in particular. I also like the upper and lower shadows in the cover image as well. It shows a range and spectrum to the degrees of high and low lights as well as gives contrast to the direct sunlight.

I do agree with you though that the light of some photos is not perfect. I appreciate your opinion and constructive criticism.