Here kitty kitty...

Here kitty kitty...

Yesterday I talked about this little cat I met.

She is living in the villages castle area and was a beauty to capture. I was waiting for my elderly neighbor who was running errands, when the cat approached me. A super cuddly thing.

She fitted well in the scenery. Old cobble stones, historic buildings and a matching feline.

After minutes of crawling and desperate attempts to get a good pic because of constant cuddle moves, I finally asked her if she can pose a bit.

I told her that she was a beautiful soul and that the world deserves to see her. She agreed and sat down for some shots.

Kitty gave me a variety of expressions and with my smartphone I managed to get some decent shots.

She's such a natural. Germany's Next Top Kitty!

She did so well that I took it a step further.

I asked for her special move, "The bow". It's her signature pose for everyone appreciating her.

What a friendly cat and such good manners. Animals rock!

Gettin' ready for "The bow"!

Cute hu?

How do you like this kind of smartphone photography? Nothing is planned, shoot as it comes.

I think this is the big advantage with smartphones these days. They are equipped pretty decent and come in handy. Though I appreciate the artistic quality of a good DSLR.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the kitty.

See you next time!



ithink it's great everyone's got amateur photographer capabilities in their pocket.

Fair enough :)

You sure got some amazing pictures here. Beautiful model. 😺
Not all smart phones can do that, unfortunately, but I guess quality has a price. 😊

True, not all have the same quality, but overall they have decent cams. With a bit of editing and effort each one can get some good shots, no matter the quality of the cam. It's about fun and memories I guess.

Kitty says thx 4 swinging by :)

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Ooooooohhhh this are very good.

Okay, you need to fill me in on this. The cat randomly approached you and was more than ready to help you get these beautiful images??


Lol she did. She came for the cuddles 😄 .

Oh you're good 🙌



Nice shots and love the kitty! Has that mouser look in her eye as well!

The kitty was something else. Her head fit easily in my hand, tiny. But a special aura that surrounded her. And those eyes ;).

How are you guys doing? I hope all alive and kicking.

Merry Xmas to the whole pack of yours. 🤗

Still around, a bit stressed from travel. Had a good time at the beach, but very glad to be home. Enjoyed a quiet, white Xmas and still getting a bit of snow (which makes Betty VERY happy)! Hope your silly season goes well!

It does, I make myself comfortable. Just watched "The secret life of pets 2". Too cute lol. I can imagine Betty being a happy camper lol. Glad you had a good time at the beach, and now you can make yourself comfy in your beautiful home. Cuddle your furry ones from me :).

Such a beautiful furry cat, these photos are amazing.
I hope you are having a nice holiday season...

Thanks Priyan, she was like a little fairy lol. I hope you and Gigi have a nice season as well. Joy and me...and the niece cat are chillin our lives, what else is to do lol.

I and Gigi, both are doing good so far, I am just hoping for better days in the future. Cat always brings joy in life in fact I believe every pet does the same.
Enjoy your moment...

😱 OMG. So beautiful ❤️
My sister's name is Anna and we love cats too 😹

Best name ;). Thanks for your comment, I love every animal but in our family my sis Maria is the cat lady while I have the dogs lol. Nonetheless every cat aka animal is worth being shared with the world or rather the Hive lol. They make the world better ;).

They do indeed.
Last year, my father was going to kill me (not literally) because I said I wanted to spend new year at a shelter comforting dogs affected by the fireworks noise.
It was a crazy idea, I know. It was going to be my first New Year i n Brazil. I was supposed to be with my relatives there (my mom, dad, and sisters are in Venezuela; my only brother in Perú), but still...
I may do it one of these days.

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