Intan Keumalasari, Turning Friends Into Professional Models.

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Hello hive friends

Just like everything else we've done in the past, it's just a different location.
And this time we will choose a location overgrown with weeds, shrubs, but weeds.

Intan Keumalasari who is an old friend, one day I turned her into a professional model with a basic foundation that really likes to pose in front of the is his hobby.
Having a pretty face is a gift for her, and I think every woman has her own beauty.

Yes, that's for sure.
You're a good person, you already have that beauty.

Alright, I'll take you out in the meadows, cool weeds, And on some of the trails there, this friend is going to do some poses there, at Bukit Caves Japan, Lhokseumawe, Aceh Indonesia.

Here there is a descending road if you look at the background, and towards the weeds if you want to climb the road we will choose to ride it.

JML_3227 (1).JPG






JML_3259 (1).JPG

We'll switch to the existing reeds to animate the pose using whatever is at hand, such as on the glasses.





In fact, he does not hesitate to be among the weeds, one with the weeds.






It was a short time for him, and told him I would be back at my leisure.

Photo By. @benk07

             Photographed using a Nikon D750 camera with a Sigma 35mm f1.4 lens.

Thank you all for visiting my blog.
I hope you can accept it and continue to guide me to develop here, your suggestions are very valuable to me.


Beautiful portraits! I really like the color schemes.

@castleberry Thanks, that makes me happy, if it makes you like it.
it is a favorite color.

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@hivebuzz thank

You're welcome @benk07, it's well deserved! Congrats on your constant involvement on Hive 😊👍

happy to share here.

Beautiful portrait my friend. The color grading is good. Loved it! :D

@tawadak24 Thanks friend, I'm glad if you like it.

you are welcome my friend :)