There is something about sunsets that gives us hope for a better tomorrow. Sometimes, it even gives us a reason to smile, a reason to be grateful, and a reason to appreciate what the Universe has for us.


When I was still working, I normally go home during the months of my parents' birthday. Usually, my vacation leave will last for 5 days but I'll be staying home for only 3 days since the 2 days will be used up for traveling.


Most of the time I will just stay home, hang out with my mom, sister or nephew. My father will go home for a bit and leave for work again. If I'm in the mood I will go out for a run but my mother is not very supportive of it because I will have to run along the highway and accidents could happen, but I am careful.


One time, I went out for a run but I ended up walking. I realized that I need to slow down for a bit and see the changes that has been going on in my hometown. I then reached this private cemetery and I witnessed something really beautiful. And no, I didn't see a dead coming back to life that would be scary. What I saw was the sunset. One of the most beautiful things that I saw for a long time.


At the end of the cemetery was a vacant lot but it is irrigated or maybe it has a body of water, I'm not quite sure. The beauty of the sunset was mesmerizing and its hue was very special. I took my phone and took a lot of photos. I spend so much time there just looking at that sunset.





There were people around but it was only me who was like crazy taking pictures. It only shows how long it has been since I see a sunset. I have been working tirelessly every day and the sight of a sunrise or sunset is very rare for me.
I was so grateful that I went out that day because I was able to witness something really delightful view. Nature is indeed beautiful. The Universe gifted us so much greatness that we need to appreciate it always. What do you think about the photos? Let me know in the comments below! Thanks for dropping by!




Asa Si Klause blogs about his travels, vegan lifestyle, yoga practice, his fur babies and anything that gives joy to him.

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Such mesmerizing photos!! Sunsets are indeed beautiful but it becomes even more beautiful knowing you got to witness it in a place filled with so much love and memories😍

Thank you so much Era. I'm also mesmerized by the sunset. If you love it in photos, how much more witnessing it in person!

Dear @asasiklause , These are some really fantastic sunset photos!
Your hometown's scenery are beautiful!
By the way, I guess you must have been bitten by mosquitoes a lot.😁

It was painful because there were so many mosquitoes that bit people and animals painfully in such places.

Thank you so much for your appreciation of my photos.

For your concern, there are not that many mosquitoes in my place, and mosquitoes are not really fond of me. Thanks for your concern though.

For your concern, there are not that many mosquitoes in my place, and mosquitoes are not really fond of me. Thanks for your concern though.

Dear my friend @asasiklause, I hope you don't misunderstand what I'm saying.
It doesn't mean you have a lot of mosquitoes in your house, it just means that I guessed that you met them when you went to the wetlands to photograph the sunset.

I hope you are not offended by my awkward English.😅

I'm not offended at all. I totally get it. Thanks for making it clear.

Dear @asasiklause , I like your generosity, openness and humor sense!
I wish your healty and fortune!
Thank you!

I wish you well too. Thank you!;)

So beautiful! Looking at those photos made me remember my childhood memories. Thank you for sharing

You're welcome. Some photos will always bring us back to places we once love!

I agree. Nice kaayo na labi na ug naay bonfire

True. then with friend and guitar!

Hala uy. Tara na ninyo. Naa ko guitar dri 😎

Kana! Drawingon na nato! ahahaha

Sunset is vibrant and ooze with goodness. !discovery 20

I must agree. I definitely miss seeing such beauty! Thanks @juecoree :)

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Sunsets are a reminder that endings are beautiful too giving us a sense of accomplishment, and hope for better days ahead. Thank you for capturing it for us.

Better days are coming in deed!

The sunset shots looks amazing perfect combination if you will do silhouette photos 😃

That is so true. Too bad I don't have another subject with me. It could've been some really great photos.

Ka relate much ko. I am like you when at home. And was able to witness the sunset, I keep on taking pictures. 🥰🥰

Lahi ra jd ang sunsets and sunrise sa probinsya

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You're welcome @asasiklause 😊👍