How Living A Minimalist Lifestyle, Has Changed The Way In Which I See And Interact With The World

To be a Minimalist, what exactly does it mean?

For sure the less you own, the more You gain, in terms of quality of life. Having things, clogs up our lives in so many different ways. From our homes, to our minds and our connections. They are mostly a distraction, a way to keep us preoccupied, preventing us from focusing on what really matters.

From diving too deep.


To me, to be a minimalist is really a state of mind. It's a way of life, that calls on you to let go, so that you can embrace more in life.

The more we possess on the surface of our lives, the more likely we are to exist, only on the surface.

Possessions weight us down, they complicate things, taking up so much of our time. Imagine having less, less things to organise, to take care of. Think of the space that would open up in our brains.

Think of the extra time you would have, time to slow down and really appreciate all that life has given you.

Expressing your gratitude, for all that life has given you. When you slow down, you see and feel so much more.

When you think about, what it is you need, in order to survive. You realise that it really is very little and the more you focus on those very things, the better quality of life that you have.

You become more in touch, with what helps you thrive and what prohibits you from thriving. It's easy to hide from one self, when you are distracted by all those things in your life.

My eyes were opened wide, when I chose to disconnect from my old way of life. To step out of the system and be more in control of my life.

I always felt out of place there anyhow, so it was an easy decision for me. Whilst some people seemed a bit worried about the decisions I was making, I felt more free.


Things became more simple, as I became more connected to the things that I actually need to live. And that's it, I was doing so much more than just surviving, I was living! I felt really connected to the land, the air, the water. I made my own fires from scratch and lose myself in it's hypnotic flames.

Being more in nature, really shows us what is important. That no matter how much they try and distance us from the wild. We are so dependant on the elements to survive.

We are all connected.

Growing food that nourishes me and my girls, drinking water from a spring, that I get to give thanks too. Using medicinal plants that I picked, to help our bodies to heal themselves. My life is woven well, into the land that I live on.

Living this way, (in what is my idea of a minimalist lifestyle) has deepen my relationship with nature, it has deepen my relationship with myself. It really helped me, to lift the veil that is placed over society, in an attempt to keep us all in line, to make sure we comply.


For me, life is all about the simple things. Living each moment, making time for the things that you love to do and doing your best, to leave as small a footprint, as possible on the earth.

To reconnect with what it means, to live!

To throw that bloody T.V out the door. There is so much money, being pumped into projects to keep us distracted. To hold us, to create this illusion of being trapped. When actually, we hold the power to step out at any time.

It is a choice and one of the best choices that I have ever made.

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I agree with you: we live lighter when we let go of our burdens. Detachment from material things saves us great sorrows. We see people every day that the more they have, the more they want to have. They are unhappy because they don't have another car, another house, more money. On the other hand, there are others who live happily without luxuries, with the elementary things. People who accumulate things are trying to fill an existential void, a lack that they carry in their soul. It is not easy to reject what our society imposes as fashion, especially if we live in consumerist societies. Anyway, it is good that there are communities in which the little, the minimum, the essential are praised. A beautiful post and beautiful images. Thanks for sharing, @trucklife

Yes. that void is created from a lack of connection, because that is what we need more of, not things. Thank you @nancybriti1 xxxxx

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Thanks so much @indiaunited for the support xxxx

Isn't interesting how the spiritually blind attempt to question what they aren't used to? I view everyone who finds anyone who chooses to forge their path away from the usual conditioning telling of their mental imprisonment.

I also envy how far ahead you are when it comes to your relationship with nature. I was late in figuring out how to free my light but I am glad that I have already started the quest to quench a thirst I never knew I had.

Living for your minimalistic approach to life! Thank you for the artistic nudge ❤️

Yes I think they are also very afraid, of what they are not used to. People get too comfortable with what they have been told and shown, all of which is expected of them within society. Breaking free, puts us on the path of self discovery.
I am so happy to be on this path with you @tezmel. Much love xxxxx

True, life is all about simple things.. Less possessions, lesser stress 😅. Especially in decluttering them lol.
Besides, we can't bring them when we die. But the memories of happy and simple life will.

Yes I do find my joy n the simple things xx Thanks @jane1289 xxxx

I totally agree with you a minimalist life help you bond more with yourself, with nature and environment.
It with a simple life and peaceful one

Thank you @ijohnsen, I always appreciate your feedback xxxx

When you start getting rid off of the unnecessary, you realize that you can almost strip everything down, it alleviates a lot of the "burden" we feel.

Nice read!

Cheers Ed, hope is all well with you. I've been house sitting, so on a mini holiday with the girls, really needed it and all xxxxx

Oh that's pretty cool!!! How is your holiday going for you guys?