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My days vary so much, depending on when I wake up and what day it is. Thursday is market day, where I spend most of the morning and afternoon in town getting supplies and meeting up with some friends.

Friday is the day, when our collective would usually meet up, discussing our progress and what yet we needed to implement. But I don't always have things set in stone and it is one of those days that I wish to share.


The morning time, is always for me and my girls. We eat our breakfast together, talk about our plans for the day and I am there to help them if they need any help with their learning, in whatever form that takes.

My morning, always starts we me going outside and putting my bare feet on the earth. I am not truly awake, until I do that. Then of course there are the animals in my family that I need to greet.
Before I return indoors to be with my girls.

I love being a mum, it can be so bloody hard at times, but the joy that my 3 girls bring me, is really indescribable. There are simply no words to describe that feeling, it goes so beyond that.

They are, our future. The work I do, is all for them, the world that I am recreating with my tribe over here, that is for them.


Then the garden calls to me, sometimes I go straight to the garden if I awake before my girls. There is always something to do in the garden. I also have lots of plants growing around my truck and in my outdoor living space. They also need my attention, as I do theirs.

As well as providing me with food, just the sight of all the plants, makes me very happy. Some I have rescued, after finding them at the bins. (why anyone would want to dump a plant, I have no idea) Others have been given to me, cos I have been told I have green fingers and they were struggling to look after them.
Whatever the reason, I am happy they are with me.

It's really important to me, that I grow food for myself and my girls. That it is something, they see as being an essential part of living. At the end of the day, food is our greatest currency.


I love to be creative, whether it is by myself or with others. I have been involved in quite a few women's circles down through the years and it is a passion that I carry with me, wherever I go. There is something very powerful, about coming together with others, using our hands to make be creative, as we share our stories, inspiring one another.

I have shared the above photo, before on Hive. It was taken at one of the creative circles I have arranged here in Spain. It is at my place, where some of the women of the community, as well our children, made flags and dream catchers from recycled textiles. If I am going to make something, I will use only recycled materials, if it is available.

To be honest it usually is, you just have to be inventive.

There really is too much stuff in the world already and I, do not want to add more on top of what is already in existence. Sometimes it can't be helped, but generally if I have something, I use it until it really can not be used anymore. There are no upgrades in this truck.


Writing, has always brought me a lot of healing. With everything that is going on in the world today, it is really something that is keeping me sane, as I try and make sense of some of the things that are happening.

My writing always brings me hope, as what really wants to come out is the pain, followed by the realisation of the power we hold within. On top of that, when I am writing, I find that usually, my girls are too.

It is our responsibility, to provide stimulating environments for our children.

I love to write outside, my feet on the grass and pencil in hand. I am not a fan of pens at all, I prefer the feel of a pencil in my fingers and the way it looks upon paper. Plus they last longer than pens.

My day always ends with me writing, either on here or just a few notes in the notebook that lies next to my bed.

Of course there are the usual daily chores that need to be done, but I did not feel the need to share them. My girls are usually always with me, spending most of their time out of doors, like I do.

When I am outside, surrounded by nature, with my girls close by, what more could I possibly want or need?

This is my entry into the latest Kiss, Blogging ideas Of The Week. Check out the The Minimalist community for more details.


Love that. I identify so much with this rythm of life. no alarm clocks, no day is ever the same.
providing a healthy, abundant environment for our kids to grow up in. my son grows up surrounded by the food we produce and so in tune with the seasons. he is now looking forward to the Olive harvest which is the next big event in our natural calendar. he learns playing and experimenting, never having to memorize boring facts and dates. this life style is a blessing.
having green fingers is considered one of the virtues of Starseeds ; )

Thank you @bigorna1, the olive harvest will begin in a couple of months here, but there are not so much olives this year. I do love the work though. Thanks for your lovely feedback xxxx

Love it! Yes, food is the best currency. I can't wait to get to my family farm next year and get to growing some goodness!

Thanks @thelogicaldude xxxx

I am feeling so empowered by how many of us are unapologetically sharing the hardships of motherhood as much as it's rewarding. Parenting is a two-way act where you got to mother yourself into the most appropriate version of a parent to your children.

But the joy of managing it is worth everything 🌟

And write we shall until what bleeds turns into a scar. Sending you all my love ❤️

Yes mothering ourselves, that is a huge part of it. Thank you for the love, sending it back in abundance. And yes let our writing continue to heal us xxxx

Hey there!
Your energy is magnetic!
This was such a beautiful read. I LOVE your simple living and way of looking at the work. A sense of excitement came over me just now, as you spoke about the joy of being around plants (and your children of course), and it made me think about how much it also means to me to be able to grow my own food... someday I will, fingers crossed.
I love all the creative things you do with your tribe, and I can imagine just how much all this benefits your overall well-being.
I've always written in a journal, but only since Hive have I opened up to pen my full thoughts on anything, and you are a true inspiration.
small KISS Gif.gif
Thanks for your #KISS
I enjoyed it 😉

lips sealed

speaking lips

Thank you @millycf1976 for inspiring me to open more about the way I live, looking at it in different ways and sharing my perception and experiences. We are here to learn from one another. wishing you a wonderful weekend xxxx

Hey, remember that poem that you wrote and I said I would like to make a song out of? I've been working on something, so I'll share it with you soon as I can sing it half decent... (Not a great singer, but practice should help a pinch). Enjoyed reading your daily activities, feels like an enjoyable life for me

Hey @fenngen, I can't wait to hear it. I hope you are well xxxx

You live THE minimalist life, hands down

Your vegetable patch is looking great!

Do you think you'll stay there! Sorry if I missed an update, you know how it gets.

Thank you beautiful I am still in the same spot, looking for somewhere new still. Yes I know how it gets, I hope you are keeping well xxxx

What an inspiring post! I really love the lifestyle you are living 😍👌