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RE: 5 Years Minimalism What Changed?

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I did several attempts in several moments of our lives to start downsizing as we already lived quite minimalistic while moving countries as well as not having our own place for a while. At some point we settled her and even thought we'd stay for longer so I accumulated a lot of craft supplies for example, some of them never used, lol.

Now that we're moving countries again, I should have started the May challenge, but I didn't, so I will just make sure I throw out 20 items today instead as I still have too many items to take with us in less than 2 weeks.

Thanks for giving me an extra push as I've been trying to sell items for months now, which was quite successful, but some things just don't sell (at the current time) and I have to remind myself that these listings/chats take so much time which I rather spend differently just weeks before we leave, just throwing the items out is better for me personally so I can narrow things down and get closer to having our final items.

Perfect timing reading your blog! I will go back to older parts as well. Sharing your post on Listnerds to hopefully it will inspire others!


I get that too! when I stay in a place far too long (5 months), I ended up buying things. But I learned my lesson. These days I ask myself if getting that cute mug is worth it or if I really need that to save costs because cute mugs is my kryptonite 😂

I also recently learned lessons to find hobbies that won't make me accumulate too much things/has the option to rent whenever I need it. And again; that's the challenge.

Now that we're moving countries again,

Good luck with moving. It seems a bit challenging when you try to downsize but the MAY challenge may as well be worth it. What about donating some of them? I am not sure about the culture where you live now. For me, donating helps and if I can throw them away, I would but in most case, I always give it away to my housemates/neighbors or anyone before throwing it away.

Thank you for sharing this post with others! I appreciate it 😄