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Today I am sharing another post as part of The Minimalist community. Every week they give you some blog post prompts/questions as a guide which is something I really like and I'll try to participate as much as I can. I have been inspired by minimalism for years and now I can finally share more about it within a community.

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Are you an aspiring Minimalist? What are some of your biggest struggles and dilemmas in letting go of some of your personal belongings?

Ever since I discovered Marie Condo method of decluttering and watched minimalist travelers on YouTube that could fit everything they own in one backpack, I was really inspired to go through my stuff regularly and slowly get rid off more. I have found that the more I did it, the easier it was to detach from material things and figure out what I truly want/need in my life. Back in 2017. I traveled to Thailand for a month and I managed to pack in one not that big backpack so I can say I was really living that minimalist lifestyle.


For a very long time I didn't collect anything, my beauty and makeup products were pretty minimal, I even sold or donated all my books even though I love to read... Clothes has always been a little bit tricky as we have four seasons here where I live but I managed to donate, recycle and even sell a good amount of my clothes. I was doing pretty well but for the past year and a half a lot of things have changed...


Two years ago I started listening to K-pop and even though I was really into the music, I wasn't buying any K-pop related stuff as I thought I was too old for that, lol. Then at the end of 2020. I won a K-pop album in a giveaway and the moment I opened it and had it in my hands I knew it will be the start of a collection. Since then I won two other giveaways, bought stuff myself and even received some as gifts. Not really a minimalist move, right? I feel like it's going to be the same with books as now I do own three - I got one in November for my birthday, one in February as a gift and third one I bought as an Easter gift to myself. I don't know if it's the fact I stepped in my thirties that makes me want to own this stuff but for some time I was really beating myself up for owning more things and falling off that minimalist inspired lifestyle.


Next thing that made me fall off the track of a more simple life was when I started doing Avon catalogue sales in December last year. I was never collecting or accumulating products because my beauty and makeup routine was always very simple and I was never really interested in trying a bunch of products that could possibly go to waste. But since Avon, I started ordering things for myself as they always have some discounts and all of I sudden I was more interested in experimenting with products. Recently I pulled out all of the body, hair and skincare products I own, put everything on the desk and got a real picture of the situation. Since then I am controlling my purchases and focusing on using up some products I already have. It was definitely a reality check and I highly recommend decluttering by category, piling up everything in one spot. I do this with my clothes as well and soon I'll do another round just before summer starts.

These are some areas I have been struggling with a little bit... I was kind of disappointed in myself when I looked back and realized that over the past year and I half I brought in all these things into my life as my goal for years was to get rid off more than I bring in. On the other hand, there are areas of my life that I have been keeping minimal or should I say what is minimal to me. I know for sure that I will not give up on my K-pop and book collections anytime soon as they bring me so much joy but who knows... maybe some day I will be able to let go of at least some of them. When it comes to products and clothes, I think I can make more progress in those areas - use up/donate/recycle/give away/sell and be more aware of what I need/love to use. I think it's a lot easier for me to get rid off something that expires or that is broken rather than something that is still in good condition as that always feels like a waste.

Thank you so much for reading my ramble about aspiring minimalist struggles, writing this was also a form of reflection for me and it inspired me to do another check in with my material belongings soon. Have a great day everyone!


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Hiya Nikolina!
I like your style!
The tone of your posts is always nice. I can tell that you apply great control of your mind and actions as you come off as calm and conscientious.
Don't beat yourself up for starting a little mini-collection of books or k-pop albums. Haha, I don't know what it is about k-pop that's so addictive, I think I should try to stay away because so many people I know to get hooked to some aspect of it...whether make-up, clothing, music, drama, fashion. To be honest, the k-pop extensive skin routine saved and revived my skin when I suffered bad outbreaks while I was living in the Philippines. I still apply the core principle of it, but have cut out a few steps.
I think you know yourself well enough to identify the right time to donate and let go of some of these things.

I'm always excited to read your blog, so thank you for stopping by.
Have a lovely Friday and a relaxing weekend:)

Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me! :)
I agree, everything K-pop related is addictive, haha. I'm glad to hear their skincare routine helped you out, I think that a major part of their amazing skin is the fact they start early and their products are of a good quality. Now that it's getting so popular all over the world, I feel like it's getting more about marketing and make people spend all their money so a good balance is the key I suppose. :D
K-dramas are also addictive, I only watched a few for now but I'll definitely check out more. :)
Have a great Sunday!

they start early and their products are of a good quality

💯% Now, those are two things that I would tell my younger self to do.

You're very welcome:)
Have a wonderful Sunday too!

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Thanks for your #KISS, I enjoyed it 😉

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