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RE: 5 Years Minimalism What Changed?

in The MINIMALIST2 years ago

When someone looks at me, they might know that I'm a minimalist...but persons who "know" me deep (very few) do.

😄 It's okay not to look the part but not all understand this.

Also Maybe you can make hobby and minimalism for it next week? as I'd like to learn what others do with their hobby and incorporating it with minimalism too. Some of my past hobbies didn't include any gears but now that I do swimming, I started having gears and needed replacement new or even a spare one now and then. And even they take up a little space when I travel too because I simply couldn't live without them 😅


Ah, I have a different topic scheduled to come out in a few hours. I will definitely add it soon though.

An important point you mentioned in your post too, is that people are always competing with others; something that only leads to bitterness, resentment, and negative emotions. I think as a minimalist, you elimate that trait from your life and focus on improving you and becoming a better version of yourself every day. Or at least, that's where I put my energy:)